Jamie Gleave

Graphic DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom
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Jamie Gleave

Graphic DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom
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Graphic Designer based in North West, UK, who focuses its practice on branding, identity and editorial. @gleavestudio gleavestudio@gmail.com Exhibited at: - Wharf Chambers (2018) - Bound Art Book Fair (2019) - Colours May Vary (2020)
  • Construal RenditionConstrual Rendition is a publication based on the theme of disruption and peoples perceptions on the matter. Construals are how individuals perceive, comprehend, and interpret the world around them. The publication hosts a series of poems and a sculpture photographed based on the theme of disruption. The poetry is set across double page spreads aiming to take the reader on a journey as the poems, written by Taiwo are distorted and disrupted allowing the reader to use their imagination when readi
  • Football Casuals ArchiveThe Football Casuals Archive is a research publication which looks into the history of the infamous football hooligans subculture which peaked in the 1970s and 80s. The archive explores into terrace culture and explains how hooligans and their reckless behaviour changed the face of football with stadium security heightening and changing how the police began to treat away day supporters differently. The archives use type and imagery allows an in-depth read into different British football firms an
  • Malignant TypefaceThe origin of the word Malignant meant to oppose against God in the 16th century. Malignant is a display typeface inspired by 16th Century typography such as Gothic and blackletter. The typeface is also inspired by satanic features which are resembled by the sharp devil horn like serifs. The typeface is in uppercase and also includes numbers and punctuation which can be used as a display typeface. The type specimen revolves around the idea of oppression to God and using Renaissance Dark Art wh
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  • Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignThis course will encourage you to develop your voice, opinions, and individual understanding of graphic design. You will explore creative, social, and ethical contexts of contemporary visual culture within your design practice. We are industry-focused and you will seek problems to solve and audiences to connect with. Year One. Focusing on the fundamentals of visual language you will investigate methods and design practice around type, language, image, meaning and message. You will work with an
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    Graphic DesignLeeds Arts University
    Leeds, United Kingdom