Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

  • Ruben Buffery
  • Zak Haddock
  • Georgia Bolton
  • Jamie Gleave
  • Kohenoor Kamal
  • Amelea Kaye
  • Aaron Atkinson
  • Libby Surgeoner
  • Jemima Whitaker
  • Hollie Hunter
  • James Sheard
  • Jake Porter
This course will encourage you to develop your voice, opinions, and individual understanding of graphic design. You will explore creative, social, and ethical contexts of contemporary visual culture within your design practice. We are industry-focused and you will seek problems to solve and audiences to connect with.

Year One. Focusing on the fundamentals of visual language you will investigate methods and design practice around type, language, image, meaning and message. You will work with an explorative range of media.

Year Two. Taking a more self-directed role you will develop your design practice using specialist workshops, critical assessments, and seminars. The audience, context, distribution, and ethical issues become fundamental to your practice.

Year Three. Building on your understanding of professional practice. Working on a series of self-directed and live briefs, you will be supported to build your own dynamic portfolio of work.

Georgia Bolton
James Sheard
Jamie Gleave
Ruby Beard
Lizzy Ager
Brylle Vistal
Cara Mahon
Sol Chadwick
Jake Porter
Katie Fogden
Jemma Chatwin
Hollie Hunter
Libby Surgeoner
Ruben Buffery and Zak Haddock
Amelea Kaye