Hollie Hunter

Graphic DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom
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Hollie Hunter

Graphic DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom
  • Cult Classics Tarot Card SetThe Cult Classics Set of Tarot Cards feature the 22 main cards as an introduction into tarot reading. The set presents the tarots in modern culture through classic cult films. They aim to help with understanding and storytelling by giving suggestion to the cards meaning, through similarity to stories told through popular film.
  • Typographic NotesMy idea of Typographic Notes visualises the issues of materialism through Jungle’s second album For Ever. The chosen single from the album, Happy Man, features ideas of how filling your life with the ideals put out by society don’t always fill the holes you may have and can often lead to feeling worse. The campaign aims to give 7 tips on how to let go of being materialistic. The main lyric of the song is ‘buy yourself a dream, how’s it looking?’ later followed by ‘buy yourself a dream, and it wo
  • Far OutFar Out is a publication series featuring rock music from the 1970’s. The publications feature information about the sound, lyrics and movements within the seventies. The first two editions feature Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin, two iconic bands producing music in the seventies, and illustrate the lyrics and themes within their tracks. The publications were a collaboration with Maddie Somes, an apprentice tattooist based in Hull.
  • Hepworth ArcadeThis posterzine aims to provide information and advertisement to the historic Hepworth Arcade in Hull. It aims to bring a new more modern audience to the arcade as the area nearby develops as often the arcade is used as a cut through and its history is often passed by. The posterzine also features a made typeface made specifically for and inspired the arcade. It’s contents give insight to the arcade, some of it’s famous past and the stores inside, creating a small guide to help encourage people
  • Dementia AwarenessAn Honest Story of Dementia aims to give insight into the disease to help give information on some of the variants of dementia as well as advice on care and living with the disease. The publication features 6 stories of those who either have or who have cared for a loved one with dementia. Upon reading through the publication you begin to get a better understanding of what it’s like to have dementia, followed by suggestions and care guidance in order to try and help those who may not or have jus
  • WanderListWanderList is a magazine that celebrates travel and adventure – providing you with insight to cities around the world. The main focus is on the people, culture, events and arts of the area, as well as alternatives to avoid the main tourist spots. The publication is suitable for both travel enthusiasts and holidaymakers, creating a nice guide and memento from their travels. The publication also features elements such as postcards and stickers to allow fun ways of customisation for the buyer plus
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  • Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignThis course will encourage you to develop your voice, opinions, and individual understanding of graphic design. You will explore creative, social, and ethical contexts of contemporary visual culture within your design practice. We are industry-focused and you will seek problems to solve and audiences to connect with. Year One. Focusing on the fundamentals of visual language you will investigate methods and design practice around type, language, image, meaning and message. You will work with an
  • Typography
  • Printmaking
  • Illustration
  • Screen Printing
  • UX Design
    BA (Hons) Graphic DesignLeeds Arts University
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    Foundation Diploma in Art and DesignHull College
     - Hull, United Kingdom