Janet Banjo

Janet Banjo

Multi-Disciplinary ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Janet Banjo

Janet Banjo

Multi-Disciplinary ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
  • Its Monday
    Its MondayThis project is more self-commissioned, well it was actually meant to be for a company project pitch if I was to get the role that I, unfortunately, didn't get. I played around this time with colours, patterns and textures. I am happy with the way it turned out because it was a fun creative process for me but I know nothing will probably come from me doing it. I only used procreate to create this project.
  • REEL
    REELThis is my current showreel, this reel showcases some of my current work. The graphics, motion, illustration and edit was done by me. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Juice
    JuiceThis is a recent piece of work I have done while trying out new styles and playing around with colour and methods of creating illustrations that suit me. While adding in the current notion of recycling and the interesting dynamic of the state of our current environment and what living on the earth means to us in general anyway!
  • 'Soul' Poster
    'Soul' PosterThis is a poster I created recently that I felt depicted what I was feeling at the time, the idea for this poster was bounce and glow and I am proud of how I expressed this through my art. the iridescent look felt more fitting for this poster. I used Adobe illustrator, procreate and photoshop
  • Glory Days
    Glory DaysGlory days is based on my current interest in people (some I admire and some I’m just aware of) life, success and happiness and what it means to be able to say I have lived a good life, what does a good life mean? and why is it so important? This poster was done with procreate and photoshop
  • APE poster
    APE posterThis is a poster I worked on a while back, I wanted it to look different to anything I had done before it was great having the opportunity to challenge myself and create something I am proud of.
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Work history
    Rich Mix London logo
    Rich Mix London logo
    Visual advertising and brandingRich Mix London
    Bethnal Green Rd, London, UKFreelance
    I worked with Rich Mix This role required me to: - Manage programs and initiatives that enhanced the workforce and the journey. - Working on Marketing and promoting our event in the form of: - Social Media - Artist and participants call outs - Event exposure - Visual advertising and branding - Working in teams - Producing feedback forms - Press communication - This gave me a deeper knowledge of promoting, financial marketing. - Delegation - Creating a social media presence
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Graphics
  • Art
  • Communication
  • Designing
  • Creative Direction
  • Event
  • Art Knowledge
  • VFX
    Ravensbourne University London logo
    Ravensbourne University London logo
    Editing and Post ProductionRavensbourne University London
     - London, United Kingdom