Janna Lumiruusu

Janna Lumiruusu

TechnologistTampere, Finland
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Janna Lumiruusu

Janna Lumiruusu

TechnologistTampere, Finland
About me
I'm studying the implications of causal mechanisms through incremental textile fabrication. Causality can be found in every event, it is what moves and triggers other events to occur. It is the eye of the storm and the moment of critical mass,. This point of convergence occurs through emergence. When what has been emerging under the surface is finally revealed. It is the mushroom that emerges from the mycelium network. But what is it that causes the mushroom to emerge?
  • KOTA360
    KOTA360The kota is a small shelter with a fire in the centre. A place embedded in the forest, where dreams and stories are shared. What if we could take our stories and be surrounded by them. Immersed by images and sounds from our dreams, the forest and the stars. With smells, tastes, feelings and sounds to realise the virtual, or to bring the outside, in. This portable projection tent is for small-to-medium interior spaces, it can be used with standard office or classroom projectors; making use of tod
  • Kumppanuuskasvit
    KumppanuuskasvitDeveloping a companion planting app to help plants grow better in diverse groups.
  • Tampere360
    Tampere360Tampere360 is a hand-crafted KOTA360 video installation. Here a 360 timelapse video of Onkiniemi looking out onto Näsijärvi in Tampere, Suomi, at night is projected onto the inside of a tent accompanied by Tampere Urban Mix: conversational murmur in Finnish, traffic sounds and piano.
  • Algorithmic Crochet
    Algorithmic CrochetWith simple iterations we can make complex models. references: Daina Taimina + Gisela Bauermann
  • GrowFromHome
    GrowFromHomeSharing ideas and experiences to grow food at home in and with our communities. From here we grow food in a way that is responsive to our own local environments, while being globaly connected and aware of how our local activities can culminate globally.
    REGENERATEAn event series to share space and talk about growing our food locally. From here we can make new pathways to produce food that we grow locally.
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