The kota is a small shelter with a fire in the centre. A place embedded in the forest, where dreams and stories are shared. What if we could take our stories and be surrounded by them. Immersed by images and sounds from our dreams, the forest and the stars. With smells, tastes, feelings and sounds to realise the virtual, or to bring the outside, in. This portable projection tent is for small-to-medium interior spaces, it can be used with standard office or classroom projectors; making use of today’s more accessible and general technology. Classrooms, living rooms, shops and cafés become places of awe and wonder. Standard or 360° images become immersive experiences in the tent. To take Kota360 around and about, it needs to be easy to assemble, disassemble and maintain. Kota360 can be installed in numerous venues for small groups or individuals such as in cafes, libraries, lounges and nightclubs, as well as for home use. It can also be installed for research purposes where students and researchers can work on immersive 360 and VR experiences. This work has applications in numerous fields such as theatre, astronomy and visual arts.

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