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Jed Small

Creative DirectorWatford, United Kingdom
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Jed Small

Creative DirectorWatford, United Kingdom
About me
One half of Advertising team Jed&Ev Creative - I design communication. Passionate about design and culture, I am always looking to create art in advertising. My city roots have prepared me for the chaos of the advertising world and my competitive nature drives me to succeed in the industry. Let's 'av it!
  • SpecsaversClient: Specsavers Insight: The nation knows Specsavers and their brand identity. Strategy: To show that until you go to Specsavers, you don’t know what you’re missing. Proposition: We don’t even need to say it.
  • Liverpool Football ClubClient: Liverpool Football Club Insight: Liverpool F.C won their first league title in 30 years, but fans were unable to celebrate together. Strategy: Help fans celebrate safely with one another. Proposition: We Did It.
  • Deep HeatClient: Deep Heat Pain Relief Spray Insight: Injuries happen. Expletives soon follow. Strategy: Create a light-hearted campaign to show the soothing effects of their Pain Relief Spray. Proposition: You’ll Know When You Need It.
  • SupermaltClient: Supermalt Insight: Supermalt remains unchanged since its UK introduction in 1978, adding to its authenticity. Strategy: Increase brand awareness for Supermalt outside of the Afro-Caribbean community. Proposition: Flavour Correctly Given Since ‘78
  • MarshallClient: Marshall Amplifiers Insight: The coronavirus pandemic has stopped live music, taking away income for venues across the UK and denying fans of the opportunity to listen to music in its purest form. Strategy: Get fans ready for the return of live music by making them remember the rush of their first concert or the live sound of their favourite musician. Proposition: Long.Live.LIVE
  • BMW M3 CompetitionClient: BMW M3 Competition. Insight: The new design of the 2021 M3 Competition has divided enthusiasts and petrolheads. Strategy: Show die-hard fans of the M3 that its evolution in design and technology adds to its pedigree as a sports car. Proposition: M3volution
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