Jenna Gang

Jenna Gang

Still Life Photographer & DirectorNew York, United States
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Jenna Gang

Jenna Gang

Still Life Photographer & DirectorNew York, United States
About me
JENNA GANG is a still life photographer/director who specializes in energetic, vibrant imagery and stop motion animations based in her studio in New York City. In addition to photography, Jenna offers unique know-how of high-end photography creation, from conceptualizing to retouching & animating. She has proven to increase engagement for several billion-dollar brands. She blurs the lines between creator and observer, leading her to experiment and bring unique ideas and top quality work.
  • French's x Skittles
    French's x SkittlesThis was probably one of the most unique and fun shoots I’ve ever worked on for @frenchs x @skittles. Sadly, I haven’t tried them yet, but beyond excited to eat some next week at the NYC pop-up! Thank you, @fitzco, for the amazing opportunity and for letting me run wild!!
  • Bauhaus Inspired Textures
    Bauhaus Inspired TexturesI've always been fascinated by how Bauhaus artists created visually striking designs using only a limited set of shapes and colors. Stylist Liz Serwin and I collaborated to shoot these beautiful textures over a few months. With this project, we wanted to pay homage to that same ethos by creating a set of textures that are both simple and eye-catching. Each texture was carefully designed, using a limited color palette and bold geometric shapes to make sense of balance and harmony.
    WHIPSHOTSShot campaign imagery for Cardi B's launch of her whipped cream, WhipShots!
  • Camp Fish Sticks
    Camp Fish SticksDirected a fun test about summer camp.
  • Oscar Mayer
    Oscar MayerPhotographed out-of-home ads for Oscar Mayer's new breakfast sandwiches.
  • KFC
    KFCCampaign imagery for KFC's launch of Beyond Fried Chicken at their stores.
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Projects credited in
  • Equal Lens: meet 100 women photographers
    Equal Lens: meet 100 women photographersAn equal shot for women photographers After looking through the books of over 70 leading commercial photography agents, we found that women accounted for less than 25% of those represented. This isn’t because of a lack of talent, or a lack of desire from agents, creative agencies or clients. It’s a structural problem that must be addressed with big collective actions, such as an industry-wide commitment to always include women photographers on the lists that clients and agencies select from.
Work history
    PhotographerJenna Gang Photography
    New York, United StatesFreelance
  • Studio Lighting
  • Concept art
  • Photography
  • Stop Motion
  • Editing
  • Still Life Photography
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Photographic Direction
    PhotographyFashion Institute of Technology
     - New York, United States