Equal Lens: meet 100 women photographers

  • Zuki Sedgley
  • Carlotta Cardana
  • Hollie Fernando
  • Kate Peters
  • Ana Cuba
  • Helen Parker
  • Haylie Craig
  • Jaki Jo Hannan
  • Victoria Ling
  • Tanya Houghton
  • Polly Tootal
  • Olivia Beasley

An equal shot for women photographers

After looking through the books of over 70 leading commercial photography agents, we found that women accounted for less than 25% of those represented.

This isn’t because of a lack of talent, or a lack of desire from agents, creative agencies or clients.
It’s a structural problem that must be addressed with big collective actions, such as an industry-wide commitment to always include women photographers on the lists that clients and agencies select from.
Equal Lens is here to give women photographers an equal shot. Run by a team of female advertising professionals, Equal Lens’ mission is to redress the gender imbalance in commercial photography.
We are calling for agencies to include women and men in every photographers list. We are encouraging clients and agencies to request and produce inclusive lists. And to make these lists easier, we are championing the work of women photographers on our website and beyond.
On International Women’s Day 2019, we launched the Equal Lens website, which showcases the work of 100 established and up-and-coming women photographers.
Redressing the gender imbalance in commercial photography is more than the right thing to do, it’s what we need to do. Excluding women narrows the pool of photographers and the creativity that our industry needs to thrive. And it robs photography of a much-needed perspective in a market where women shoppers make up to 85% of all consumer purchases.
Together, we can give women photographers an equal shot.

Meet 100 women photographers below.
Abbie Trayler-Smith
Aleksandra Kingo
Alice Whitby
Alisa Connan
Amy Currell
Ana Cuba
Annelise Phillips
Babe Studio
Bara Prasilova
Cait Oppermann
Camilla Rutherford
Carlotta Cardana
Caro Patlis
Carin Backoff
Catharina Pavitschitz
Catherine Harbour
Catherine Losing
Charlie Campbell
Chelsea Bloxsome
Cheryl Dunn
Danielle Wood
Ejatu Shaw
Elisabeth Hoff
Elise Dumontet
Em Cole
Emily Garthwaite
Emily Maye
Emily Shur
Emily Stein
Emily Winiker
Emli Bendixen
Emma Tunbridge
Felicity Ingram
Felicity McCabe
Fiona Bailey
Francesca Allen
Frieke Janssens
Gillian Hyland
Hanna Tveite
Hollie Fernando
Holly Falconer
Holly Pickering
Imogen Forte
Issy Croker
Janina Fleckhaus
Jenna Gang
Jenny Hands
Jess Bonham
Jess Koppel
Jessica Antola
Jessica Mahaffey
Jessica Van De Weert
Jillian Edelstein
Jo Metson Scott
Julia Fullerton Batten
Kate Bellm
Kate Bones
Kate Jackling
Kate Peters
Katie Hammond
Katrina Tang
Kayla Varley
Kell Mitchell
Kirstin Scholtz
Kristin Vicari
Kitty Gale
Laura Allard-Fleischl
Laura Pannack
Lauretta Suter
Lily Bertrand-Webb
Linda Brownlee
Lottie Davies
Louise Lechat
Louise Hagger
Marta Kochanek
Mary Fix
Metz + Racine
Miriam Marlene Waldner
Nadege Meriau
Nadia Ryder
Nassima Rothacker
Olivia Beasley
Patrice de villiers
Penny Wincer
Poem Baker
Polly Tootal
Polly Webster
Rebecca Naen
Sara Morris
Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica
Sandra Mickiewicz
Scarlett Carlos Clarke
Sophie Green
Sophie Harris-Taylor
Sophie Jones
Stephanie Sian Smith
Susan Bell
Tara Fisher
Tara Moore
Tanya Houghton
Tina Hillier
Trisha Ward
Tori Ferenc
Valentine Reinhardt
Victoria Ling
Yan Wang Preston
Equal Lens Team
Jaki Jo, Equal Lens Founder & Integrated Producer, adam&eveDDB
Haylie Craig, Art Director / Designer, Google Creative Lab
Zuleika Sedgley, Senior Writer, Pentagram
Helen Parker & Tanja Adams, Founding Partners, Another Production
Nici Hofer, Photographer & Art Director, Nici + Karin