Jessica Duggan

Jessica Duggan

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Jessica Duggan

Jessica Duggan

DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hello! I'm Jess, a Designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2019. My work is primarily focussed on design for the greater good, such as sustainability and charity work. I enjoy tackling the future of graphic communication design with various process-led design methods, including colour theory, data and research.
  • Command+i Magazine: Scotland Edition
    Command+i Magazine: Scotland EditionContributing colour analysis work for Command+i Magazine. Using colour as a communication tool within design is a lot more crucial than we may think. Colour is everywhere and mostly derived from natural sources. When collating colour palates straight from vast landscapes themselves, especially when from a particular country — you begin to notice more about your colour choices and reasonings behind them. Noticing what colours are more prominent in the scenery of one country to another and why t
  • Quarantine Doodles
    Quarantine DoodlesA mini series of geometric doodles made during the U.K. Lockdown. These were made as a mini series as each doodle visually represents the feeling of repetitive disorder during the uncertain and trying times.
  • Vote!
    Vote!This was a impromptu piece in collaboration with illustrator Celina Carlisle. During the December general election in the U.K, we realised more than ever the importance of voting and how much of a difference your vote alone can make. We wanted to do our bit and encourage the people around us to Vote!
  • CSM Degree Show 2019
    CSM Degree Show 2019In collaboration with Celina Carlisle, we made it to the finals of the CSM Degree Show 2019 Identity pitches. Our concept was based on the idea it's all about celebrating the middle. Not the start, not the end, but the middle. The middle of your journey here at Central Saint Martins, is where you make your mistakes, your successes, your happy accidents - your unique journey. We wanted to represent this concept in a fun and unique way, inviting students at CSM to engage with each shows posters, w
  • Keep it Underground
    Keep it UndergroundA documentary publication of nature hotspots you can find on The Underground's Circle Line. Although London is classified as one of the greenest major cities in the world, many Londoners do not get to immerse themselves within nature enough, with some resulting in an increased risk of depression. I speculated upon the idea that if we were to highlight easy access green areas on lines you use to commute, would we be more likely to get out more? All photographs are taken by myself, using a film ca
  • Colour of 2018
    Colour of 2018If you could apply a colour to the year of 2018, what would it be? This project was a colour investigation of what that might be. Basing my results on a survey of 30-40 people, I organised and interpreted the data into a colour palette of 2018, using the most common colour themes as my material to work from. The results were greatly of pink, purple and blue hues. I wonder if the results would be the same if asked the same question in 5 years time?
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Projects credited in
  • Command+i Magazine Scotland Issue
    Command+i Magazine Scotland IssueCommand + i magazine serves as a source of both inspiration and appreciation for the visual world. As well as showcasing the depth and range of colours that the landscape can provide, our mission is to hopefully push creators to use their surroundings as reference points for their work and establish a more conscious connection between nature and design.
  • Fashion Revolution zine #003 FASHION ENVIRONMENT CHANGE
    Fashion Revolution zine #003 FASHION ENVIRONMENT CHANGEPublished September 2018​​​​​​​ I art directed Fashion Revolution's third 'zine', FASHION ENVIRONMENT CHANGE, an A—Z of the fashion‘s impact in the planet, from the Anthropocene to Generation Z... and packed with actions you can take to make a positive change. Illustrated by Graphic Design students of Central Saint Martins and written by team of experts, writers, poets and campaigners, this zine examines how fashion can lessen its impact on the planet for future generations Buy a limited edit
Work history
    Wallpaper* logo
    Wallpaper* logo
    Design InternWallpaper*
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    Bartle Bogle Hegarty logo
    Bartle Bogle Hegarty logo
    InternBartle Bogle Hegarty
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    Working at BBH as work experience gave me useful insights into the world of work, particularly in a large company. I was provided with various opportunities such as helping out with organising shoots with brands. As well as this, I was a helping hand around the building.
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  • Publication Design
  • Sustainability
  • Environment Design
  • Creative Thinker
  • Imagination
  • Colour Theory
  • Sign Making
  • Future Trends
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Communication
    Graphic Communication Design
     - London, United Kingdom
    My time at Central Saint Martins was an absolute blast. I learnt and experienced many exciting, intense and unique opportunities and of course met great people. Proudly finishing with a First Class Honours Degree at this invigorating university is one of my greatest pleasures.
    Foundation Diploma
     - London, United Kingdom
    An intense and energetic one-year foundation course at Central Saint Martins, in the Graphic Communication pathway.
    Maison/0 Green Trail AwardLVMH
    "The Maison/0 Green Trail highlights the most innovative and challenging sustainability projects across Show Two [CSM Degree Show]."