Command+i Magazine: Scotland Edition

  • Jessica Duggan
  • Cameron Prentice
  • Alex Longson

Contributing colour analysis work for Command+i Magazine. Using colour as a communication tool within design is a lot more crucial than we may think. Colour is everywhere and mostly derived from natural sources. When collating colour palates straight from vast landscapes themselves, especially when from a particular country — you begin to notice more about your colour choices and reasonings behind them. Noticing what colours are more prominent in the scenery of one country to another and why that might be. This can encourage deeper thought into colour choice and application. This magazine delves deeper into the idea of creators taking more inspiration from their surroundings, establishing a more conscious connection between nature and design. "Command+i magazine serves as a source of both inspiration and appreciation for the visual world. As well as showcasing the depth and range of colours that the landscape can provide. Our mission is to hopefully push creators to use their surroundings as reference points for their work and establish a more conscious connection between nature and design." — Command+i


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