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Jochebed Mmerife

Model, Music Artist, StylistUnited Kingdom
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Jochebed Mmerife

Model, Music Artist, StylistUnited Kingdom
About me
Jochebed Mmerife, better known as Yoshe Rose, is a 23-year old model, fashion enthusiast and musician. With a crazy love for fashion and individuality who has been fortunate enough to make my casual self styling into real life opportunities to style U.K. rappers and afrobeat artists, such as Nadia Rose and Sona, respectively as well as land collaborations with Palladium Boots. Although my portfolio isn’t extensive, she believes she makes up for this by learning quickly, working hard and always bringing something different to the table. If you speak? She will listen and retain to get to where she would like to be. Self assured and confident, she knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to and she is not scared to put herself out there in order to get what she wants. Launching a fashion blog and YouTube channel focusing primarily on vintage and thrift finds, styling yourself on a budget, the importance of multi-faceted footwear, uncovering the raw truth about modelling and the many stages of becoming a musician, there is a lot of passion in her heart and fire in her belly waiting to be moulded and manifested.
  • PALLADIUM BOOTS UK COLLABORATIONI was fortunate enough to collaborate with the footwear dominated brand Palladium on a national scale and create content for their new range of boots, including boots with a new waterproof style, in the style of a campaign for their social media channels and their website, respectively. I was given full creative direction to bring this campaign to life so direction, styling, sourcing models and finding a dedicated team was all my responsibility. Palladium believed in my visions and my ability to
  • Attentive
  • Detail
  • Microsoft Office
  • Menswear Styling
  • Styling Direction
  • Styling Shoots
  • Musical Direction
  • Music Making
  • Music Performance
  • Talent Scouting
  • Talent Sourcing
  • Modelling
    LLB Law (hons)London Metropolitan University
     - 166-220 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DB, UK
    I started off studying LLB Law with American Legal Studies at Birmingham City University in 2014 and transferred to London Metropolitan in 2017 in order to chase my creative dreams as well as study academically. London was the place I needed to be creatively and so I worked around that so I wouldn't miss out on anything.