Joe Adamsdale

Joe Adamsdale

Business DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Joe Adamsdale

Joe Adamsdale

Business DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Senior client services and marketing professional, with 14 years of TTL experience of leading integrated and digital comms solutions, to local, regional and global markets. Proven ability to formulate and sell bespoke strategies and campaigns to Fortune 500 brands. Strengths: Excellent client handling, strong strategic planner, leadership, business advisor, communication, analytical, adaptable, creative, driven.
  • The Great Oven
    The Great OvenOur work to date has taken place in Lebanon, a country facing a soaring food crisis exacerbated by political corruption, an economy in free fall and a deadly battle against COVID-19. With the highest number of refugees per capita in the world and an additional 300,000 displaced by the blast, the need for food relief and reconstruction efforts in Lebanon has reached unprecedented levels. This emergency is compounded by ongoing social tension, division and conflict characterised by sectarianism.
Projects credited in
  • Top 50 Companies to work for in 2020
    Top 50 Companies to work for in 2020This New Year, do you want to nab that dream job? Well, to kick off 2020 we’ve put together a list of 50 top companies to work for! In order to connect you to lots of brilliant opportunities this year, we formulated this list by asking the community, using insights from company follows, topped off with a dash of our team’s wisdom! Make sure to follow companies that you’re interested in, to stay up to date with events and all-important job opportunities!
  • Unilever Signal-Pepsodent Little Brush Big Brush
    Unilever Signal-Pepsodent Little Brush Big BrushSignal Pepsodent has a very clear social mission in trying to get families to brush night and day for 2 minutes. They know that promoting this healthy habit will result in happier smiles for families. However, to truly change behavior, they realized they had to get a lot more intimate with families. The objective was to create a behavior change program to get families brushing at night time, which, from research was the key time families would be less inclined to brush their teeth. We created the adventures of Little Brush Big Brush, an animated, episodic story that’s delivered to your phone over 21 days, using a Facebook chat bot. The adventure tells the story of Little Brush (kid) and Big Brush (parent) and how they travel across the world to find their way home. They encounter new exotic animals every night that challenge them to a tooth-brushing challenge that gives them access to the next part of their adventure. The user is also rewarded when challenges are completed to keep kids motivated. By delivering an episode every night, at the designated time of the parent, the campaign aimed to create a positive brushing habit.
Work history
    FounderThe Great Oven
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    The Great Oven (G.O.) provides sustainable food relief and creative community building in places of need, from refugee camps and war-torn cities to countries in crisis. An organisation created for and by society’s most marginalised, we champion local agency and ownership. Our work is shaped by the first-hand experiences of a diverse and talented team which includes refugee families, stateless youth, ex-child fighters, victims of gender based violence (GBV), trafficked women and indigenous groups.
    Marketing DirectorBert and May
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    A premium home interiors brand, specialising in beautifully hand crafted and reclaimed tiles. As a company director I was part of the management team who oversaw all aspects of the business, from sales, customer relations, supply chain management and licensing opportunities. As marketing director working in a small business, my marketing budget was limited and so I focused our efforts in digital, events and instore channels to maximise our effectiveness. Instagram became the primary marketing channel and we grew to 100k followers with a clear creative aesthetic, all achieved without any media spend. 19% of 2019 annual sales can also be attributed to Instagram.
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