Unilever Signal-Pepsodent Little Brush Big Brush

Signal Pepsodent has a very clear social mission in trying to get families to brush night and day for 2 minutes. They know that promoting this healthy habit will result in happier smiles for families. However, to truly change behavior, they realized they had to get a lot more intimate with families. The objective was to create a behavior change program to get families brushing at night time, which, from research was the key time families would be less inclined to brush their teeth. We created the adventures of Little Brush Big Brush, an animated, episodic story that’s delivered to your phone over 21 days, using a Facebook chat bot. The adventure tells the story of Little Brush (kid) and Big Brush (parent) and how they travel across the world to find their way home. They encounter new exotic animals every night that challenge them to a tooth-brushing challenge that gives them access to the next part of their adventure. The user is also rewarded when challenges are completed to keep kids motivated. By delivering an episode every night, at the designated time of the parent, the campaign aimed to create a positive brushing habit.