Justine Matthew

Justine Matthew

IllustratorUnited Kingdom
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Justine Matthew

Justine Matthew

IllustratorUnited Kingdom
  • Pearl the Star Girl
    Pearl the Star GirlPearl the Star Girl tells the story of Pearl, a young girl from Kensington, Brooklyn in New York, who would just like to be a star. The book follows her on her journey of imagination - could she be a shooting star? A rock star? Even a star fish? The book ends with Pearl wishing on a shooting star for her dream to come true, and it does, but perhaps not in a way that is expected. Christmastime has always been my favourite time of year. Whilst the sky darkens much sooner outside, there is always
  • Craft-it! Kits
    Craft-it! KitsTo go alongside Pearl the Star Girl and Roy the Reindeer Boy, I created DIY kits so that children could make their very own Pearl and Roy at home. Picture books hold a world of imagination for young children, so what better than to infuse it with skills and creativity too? These kits are geared at children to do as an activity as an adult, with the end result that they will have gained a skill as well as their very own felt fictional character.
  • Roy the Reindeer Boy
    Roy the Reindeer BoyRoy the Reindeer Boy tells the story of Roy who would just like a red nose like Rudolph's. Inspired by a reindeer costume my parents - sorry, Santa Claus - gifted me one year for Christmas. The story follows Roy as he imagines just what he could fo if he had a bright, shiny red nose which glowed in the dark. In the end, after a special visit from Mr Claus himself, Roy's wishes come true - a true Christmas miracle! This book works alongside Pearl the Star Girl, so see if you can spot Roy alongsi
  • Playing Cards
    Playing CardsEveryone loves a bit of fun, and what's more fun than playing a game of cards? Taking inspiration from traditional card design, I played around with simple shapes and features to start making my own deck of cards, see a couple of examples below.
  • YCN UK Greetings Brief 2020
    YCN UK Greetings Brief 2020The Bears and the Bees is a range of giftware and stationary created in response to YCN's UK Greetings brief. From cards, giftware, notebooks and more, the range could be focused on anything. To broaden the appeal of the range for all demographics, I chose a bright and bold colour scheme which allowed for a spread of fun and neutral products in the range, meaning a more diverse range of people would be inclined to buy any products from it. Using a limited set of characters, objects and pattern
  • A Student's Alphabet
    A Student's AlphabetA Student's Alphabet was inspired by a University brief to illustrate letters from something perhaps unexpected. I decided to tailor my alphabet around student life as when you first start any form of education, the alphabet is the first thing you learn. However, at university, everything you have learnt so far in life is often flipped on it's head. The alphabet is intended to act as a and light-hearted guide for new students in book form, whilst also being a tear-out poster book that students
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  • Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, BDes (Hons) Illustration
    Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, BDes (Hons) IllustrationTo be an illustrator is to be a problem solver, taking an idea from a client and turning it into something visual that can communicate in a visual world. From the outset, our students experience different aspects of an illustration practitioner’s daily life, working to tight deadlines and to industry briefs as they discover their own way of generating creative solutions to make hardworking pictures. The illustration course at Duncan of Jordanstone exemplifies how students can shape their pract
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    BDes (Hons) Illustration First Class HonoursUniversity of Dundee
    Dundee, United Kingdom
    Graduate to be 2020