Kallie Ennever

Kallie Ennever

Illustrator & DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Kallie Ennever

Kallie Ennever

Illustrator & DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Ethical Nutrients
    Ethical NutrientsMatte Painting, Colour grading and Compositing for Ethical Nutrients – The Orange Brick Road, with Mighty Nice
  • Behind the Scenes
    Behind the ScenesMatte Paintings pairing the every day desire to escape with fantastical realisations in the form of dreams
  • Showreel
    Showreel1. "Voyage to the Deep" Maritime Museum TVC at Hackett Films (Matte Painting & Illustration) 2. "Moving Among Strangers" Book Trailer for Gabrielle Carey (Motion Graphic Video) 3. Book Trailer for Bloomsbury Publishing (2D Animation) 4. "Dreamland" Music Video scene for Sticky Fingers (2D Animation) 5. "Mr Sketch" TVC at Mighty Nice (Nuke Compositing) 6. "Motorola Unlocked" TVC at Mighty Nice (Nuke Compositing) 7. "Bury It" Music Video for Chvrches at Mighty Nice (Nuke Compositing) 8. "Te
  • Dreamland Music Video
    Dreamland Music VideoMusic Video for Sydney-based psych-rock/reggae band Sticky Fingers' track 'Dreamland'.
  • Spire Tower
    Spire TowerDesigns produced for Ev Shipard's Digital Painting for Concept Art course at Production Art Department (PAD Studios) in Chippendale NSW. We were supplied a science fiction script as well as location reference and atmosphere reference.
  • No Time
    No TimePoster for University Honors project; Visualising Research on the topic Death. After a survey where I asked individuals to draw their lifespan, I decided to create an illustration which tackles the key differences I observed in linear (western) and cyclical (eastern) concepts of life and the afterlife. The mandala is composed in accordance with the Sacred Geometry, an ancient symbol of eternity, and made up of mechanical clock parts to deconstruct our notions of time, and challenge our fear o
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Work history
    Compositor and IllustratorMighty Nice
     - Sydney, AustraliaFull Time
    Compositing and colour grading 3D renders in Nuke, Compositing 2D footage in After Effects, editing and mastering TVCs, designing pitch documents, designing Style Guides, matte painting in Photoshop and Nuke (using 3D renders, live action frames, 2D illustrated elements and photographic media), live editing of footage in client meetings, presenting work in progress videos to clients, presenting work in daily meetings, collaborating with all members of the production pipeline, keying and rotoscoping live action footage, retouching photographic media and 3D renders for print, contributing illustration and animation to in-house projects (eg. a Halloween .Gif), resourcing stock and reference imagery, critiquing and reviewing work at the compositing stage, responding to regular critique in-house and from clients
    Volunteer Life Drawing HostKnox Street Bar
     - 21 Shepherd St, Chippendale NSW 2008, AustraliaFreelance
    I started this role / space with other artists in the community as I am passionate about create a safe, fun and productive environment for professionals and hobbyists to experiment with drawing, network, and meet other like minded individuals. Roles: Providing a space for creative professionals and hobbyists to practice their craft, building creative collaborations and connections within the local community, setting up the space prior to classes (sound, lighting, seating), collecting payment, paying the model and bar, briefing the model and audience, ensuring promoting the event through social media, drawing all poses and supplying my artwork for promotion, timing poses, general assistance, cleaning the space, supplying drawing materials Skills: life drawing and themed illustration practice with a variety of media, educating, management, networking
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  • Illustration
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Nuke Compositing
  • Digital Painting
  • Photoshop
  • Photo Retouching
  • Indesign
  • Pitch Design
  • 2D Animation
    Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (First Class Honours)University of Technology, Sydney
     - Sydney, Australia
    Honours Project: Storyboards + Digital Concept Art (Distinction) Degree focus: Illustration, Animation, Typography