Kat Garner

Kat Garner

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Kat Garner

Kat Garner

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Kat Garner is a freelance graphic designer, specialising in visual identities and campaigns. Her practice puts the user front and centre, exploring new ways to reach an audience with bold and engaging design, messaging and animation.
  • A+ Exhibition
    A+ ExhibitionThe A+ Exhibition sought to elevate the work of female practitioners within graphic design, specifically those who had studied or taught at Central Saint Martins. The exhibition ran for over a month and featured artists such as Margaret Calvert, Morag Myerscough, Julia Woollams and Sara De Bondt. The identity design was used across the physical space, printed materials and on social media as well as the dedicated website. The exhibition and associated work was featured by Eye Magazine, Grafik a
    UNFURLUNFURL is a start-up creating high quality kimonos. The logo mark was developed to echo the process of folding a kimono, which is done in a very specific series of movements. The pattern of watercolour leaves was designed for use across their stationary and packaging and is now being printed on the kimonos themselves.
  • Footnotes App
    Footnotes AppThe Footnotes App revolves around the world of football, and was designed specifically for those developing an interest in it as adults. Footnotes is designed to appeal to this ‘outsider’ market, it is aesthetically opposed to existing football apps, which are dominated by stats, data and a very masculine colour palette. As an app it can be accessed anywhere, which is useful as one’s knowledge of the game often comes under most scrutiny when you’re out with friends or in the pub. For this reason
  • Lacoste Blanc et Noir
    Lacoste Blanc et NoirThis campaign to promote their new men's fragrances, Lacoste Blanc and Lacoste Noir, needed to have get across the warmth and joy of summer. The campaign also took place on the 80th anniversary of Lacoste, and for this reason I wanted to reflect the history of the brand. I created Art Deco inspired patterns, photographed them underwater and printed the images onto fabric. This was then flung up and photographed against a bright blue sky to create the striking and somewhat abstract imagery. These photographs went on to be exhibited in London as part of the fragrance’s release campaign.
  • Rio Olympics animations
    Rio Olympics animationsThese gifs were created for the 2016 Olympics, each one being shared across social media on the day of the gold event in each sport. The frames were created using gouache, then complied and digitally animated.
  • The Absence of Women in Graphic Design
    The Absence of Women in Graphic DesignThis work is is a study of the current role of women within the design industry and those whose contributions have received less recognition than they deserve. One of the main points of interest is the sudden drop in female practitioners once they have left education and why this decline continues with age. This work was shown as part of the A+ Exhibition in London.
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    M&C Saatchi logo
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