Katie M Green

Katie M Green

Illustrator & Creative ResearcherUnited Kingdom
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Katie M Green

Katie M Green

Illustrator & Creative ResearcherUnited Kingdom
About me
Katie has over four years of experience as a freelance illustrator, providing creative services and support for a variety of clients. With a master’s degree in Research (in the Arts), and a bachelor’s degree in Illustration, Katie is capable of creating whimsical and original concepts, and improving the quality of a piece of work to increase audience interest. She is continuously searching for new topics and stories to illustrate, with a belief that creative industries and practices play a much larger part in our society, particularly on our psychological wellbeing.
  • Chalk
    ChalkExperimental collection looking at identity, desires and fears. Digital illustrations using traditional painting techniques (2023)
  • Indecent Disclosure - Popshot Magazine Commission
    Indecent Disclosure - Popshot Magazine CommissionA commissioned editorial piece based on a short piece of fiction on the subject of 'Uncensored'. Below is the process from first draft to publication. (2021)
  • "Escape" - an editorial piece exploring the mental health crisis during COVID-19 pandemic
    "Escape" - an editorial piece exploring the mental health crisis during COVID-19 pandemicThis is an exploratory piece looking at how our gardens and nature in general were a healing factor for many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic - the mental health crisis that ensued during this difficult time impacted us all, and many turned to the great outdoors to 'let off steam' and take a break from the confines of national/global lockdowns. This was an entry into the AOI's World Illustration Awards 2021.
  • 'Burn Out' - a look into creative burn-out
    'Burn Out' - a look into creative burn-outPhrasal verb with burn verb: "ruin one's health or become completely exhausted through overwork." 'Burn Out' is an ongoing series of illustrations, animations and comics focusing on the struggle with mental health in the creative industry when one 'burn's out'. We look at the ways some may come out of that episode, ways of coping, and ongoing thoughts from the creative themself.
  • "She Persisted" - an editorial piece on protesting and feminism
    "She Persisted" - an editorial piece on protesting and feminismAn editorial piece exploring the solidarity we have when fighting for a cause. While each person may have a more significant cause to fight for, there is still support from people from all walks of life fighting along side them. The women in this piece all wear suits of armour to show how they are prepared for a fight, and that they've been fighting for quite some time. The young girl in the centre wearing her own makeshift armour (cardboard box) as a sign that she is new to the battlefield.
  • Graduating Class of 2020
    Graduating Class of 2020An editorial GIF piece highlighting the anti-climax of graduating this year. Instead of a large festive event surrounding by friends and family, the graduating class of 2020 has instead been put on hold until further notice. A rather somber wrap up to three (or more) years of hard work.
Projects credited in
  • Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) Illustration
    Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) IllustrationThe BA Illustration course at AUB is founded on an inclusive notion of illustration, that recognises the breadth of practices, and contexts within which it operates. Here, students define their own universe whilst building the skills to enable them to adapt to the rapidly expanding and diversifying field of contemporary illustration, whether those are drawing, print, digital or time-based practices. AUB illustration students are resourceful and agile creatives who maintain a clear sense of th
  • Smol Stories / AUB Zine Society
    Smol Stories / AUB Zine SocietyA collective risograph zine all about narrative, this zine was created and produced by members of the AUB Zine Society at the Arts University Bournemouth.
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    Associate IllustratorInnovation Unit
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    Graphic designerStatius Management Services
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