Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) Illustration

  • Alice Catteau
  • Mary Hart
  • Yingqi Chen
  • Bethany Drake
  • Chloe Levecque
  • Mattie Knapman
  • Natasha Dudley
  • Julie Stone
  • Chantelle Nuttall
  • Sophie Elliot
  • Stela Bonova
  • Molly O'Connor
The BA Illustration course at AUB is founded on an inclusive notion of illustration, that recognises the breadth of practices, and contexts within which it operates. Here, students define their own universe whilst building the skills to enable them to adapt to the rapidly expanding and diversifying field of contemporary illustration, whether those are drawing, print, digital or time-based practices.

AUB illustration students are resourceful and agile creatives who maintain a clear sense of their disciplinary identity. Our graduates are resourceful and agile with a clear sense of their own voice as illustrators, committed to present new work to the world.
Tanya Kearsey
Beatrice Simpkiss
Francesca Nicholson
Joe Crystal
Julie Stone
Aaron Mesnard
Laura Ward
Moesha Kellaway
Amy Leonard
Mary Flora Hart
Yasmin Thompson-Lamont
Yuni Jeong
Imogen Ward
Stella Bonova
Alice Catteau