Kirsten Tyson

Kirsten Tyson

Illustrator/Character DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom
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Kirsten Tyson

Kirsten Tyson

Illustrator/Character DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom
About me
Hi there! I am a 21-Year-old aspiring illustrator from Leeds, West Yorkshire. I specialize in character design fantasy art and comic art. My latest project was creating my own fantasy comic: "New Gods". Where I was able to bring to life my own original characters in my own comic. The comic tells the tale of Freya, a knight, who finds herself in trouble with an unearthly power. I find myself to have a serious passion for character design and comics, I find it fun and exciting to create something from a concept or an idea and transform it into something tangible. I'm not also afraid to dabble in Horror and other genres such as Sci-Fi, myself being inspired by them greatly in my everyday creative life as well as combining elements from these genres in my own practice.
  • New Gods
    New GodsMy Final Major Project for my final university year. A collection of comic pages from my original comic: New Gods, and character designs of main characters that appear New Gods takes place in a fantasy world were elves once controlled the earth, however upon humans' arrival they fled. New Gods focuses on the tale of Freya, a soldier in the queen's garrison, and her meeting with a godly power. Submission for D&AD New Blood Festival 2020
  • Randomised Character Designs
    Randomised Character DesignsA Personal ongoing project with a group of peers where we collectively make a character based on traits we individually pick. From there we individually create characters based on those traits. Here is the result of this challenge so far
  • Elves and a Tiefling
    Elves and a TieflingPersonal character designs I have worked on in my spare time. Im a huge fan of Fantasy art as well as Dungeons and Dragons, so I tend to draw a lot of Elves and other Creatures in my spare time.
  • Character Fanarts
    Character FanartsA collection of character fanarts I have created of my favorite characters in media. First Image: Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Second: Sailor moon from the Sailor Moon redraw challenge Third: Mirko from boku no hero academia
  • Giovanna Model Bust Designs
    Giovanna Model Bust DesignsFor part of my Final Major Project, I decided to create a character model bust of my character Giovanna. For this I needed to conceptualize digitally what this may look like, as a result, I created a bust and a turn around of the bust in order to create the clay model . The first image is that of the digital bust second, the turnaround third, the inital sketch on paper
  • Traditional Artwork
    Traditional ArtworkA collection of personal sketches and inkings in my sketchbooks from the last years. Some are fanarts whilst others are characters I have randomly sketched. First image: Tracer from Overwatch Third: Bambi Ballgag Drag queen Fourth: from Overwatch Seven: Grimes from Delete Forever Music video
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  • The University of Huddersfield, BA (Hons) Illustration
    The University of Huddersfield, BA (Hons) IllustrationThe illustrator gathers, enlivens, softens or perturbs – drawing our surroundings, histories and desires together in a journey from eye to hand. To draw is to navigate thresholds of difference and representation, in order to stage an encounter between singular, subcultural and majoritarian ways of seeing.    Escaping the page and crossing the frame, line and narrative become vectors. Wending, weaving and spreading, they seek new surfaces, and explore new contexts. By infiltrating disciplines an
  • Character Art
  • Comic Art
  • Comic Illustration
  • Illustration
  • Character Design
  • Character Creation
  • Drawing
  • Digital art
    Illustration BA (hons) University of Huddersfield
    Huddersfield, United Kingdom