The University of Huddersfield, BA (Hons) Illustration

  • Kirsten Tyson
  • Leah Stead
  • Georgia Hough
  • laura Helsby
  • E Long
  • Cam Wilson
  • Alex Wigglesworth
  • Lucy Early
  • Ayanda Siziba
  • Thomas Clement
  • Jade Bedford
  • Laila Labba
The illustrator gathers, enlivens, softens or perturbs – drawing our surroundings, histories and desires together in a journey from eye to hand. To draw is to navigate thresholds of difference and representation, in order to stage an encounter between singular, subcultural and majoritarian ways of seeing.   

Escaping the page and crossing the frame, line and narrative become vectors. Wending, weaving and spreading, they seek new surfaces, and explore new contexts. By infiltrating disciplines and emerging technologies, they produce distinctive visions of the world, both of and for our time.
Alex Wigglesworth - Fjord fight
Ayanda Siziba - MANDLENKOSI
Charlie Hunt - Iron Chaz
Eedden Colclough - Celestial Beach
Jade Bedford - Wish I could be free
Tom Clement - Ben Nevis
Laura Helsby - Zombie
Leah Stead - Exodus
Lucy Early - Andromedas Multidimensional Panic
Kirsten Tyson - Freya's frenzy
Montanna Sullivan - Floral Bumble Bee
Laila Labba - butt svart med hvit stroke
Georgia Hough - Penny and the plastic planet
Katie Smith - Thing pressing a button
Georgia Baker - Steam Punk Girl