Krissy Ho

Krissy Ho

Knitwear DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Krissy Ho

Krissy Ho

Knitwear DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
1st class honours in fashion knitwear design and knitted textiles from Nottingham Trent University. Currently based in London. My idea of knitwear is to be able to wear knitwear throughout the year so its trans-seasonal. Having knitwear pieces that are functional and versatile will give the shine that knitwear doesn’t have as a lot of people believe that knitwear is only worn in the winter seasons. So one of my objectives as a knitwear designer is to show consumers there’s more to knit than just warmth – but is also for practical use and style! My aesthetic challenges social boundaries and associations through irony and juxtaposition. I appreciate exchanging creative ideas and enjoy all opportunities to learn from other around me.
  • Julien Macdonald Internship
    Julien Macdonald InternshipAn insight to Julien Macdonald's AW17/18 collection - Additionally, I have featured flat drawings and celebrity profiles that have worn this collection. My internship as a knitwear design intern gave me great knowledge and skills, picking up new techniques and learning how to fully fashion garments.
  • Jigsaw SS19 Womenswear Knitwear Portfolio
    Jigsaw SS19 Womenswear Knitwear PortfolioAn exploration of nature's aesthetics portrayed through knitwear for a sophisticated Jigsaw enthusiast.
  • All Saints AW17/18 Womenswear Knit Collection Portfolio
    All Saints AW17/18 Womenswear Knit Collection PortfolioStructured elongation and textural juxtaposition forms the basis of this elevated and refined collection. An overall sense of discipline and formality is softened by moments of playful femininity: girly dresses feature powerful military epaulettes, while buttoned-up high necks, laced cuissardes and controlled application of military knits exist alongside silk M65 jackets adorned with floral motifs. This continual process of deconstruction, reinvention and collage mirrors the constantly evolvin
  • AND/OR John Lewis Competition
    AND/OR John Lewis CompetitionAND/OR Spring/Summer Design Competition project. Inspired by Moroccan culture, ideas explored focused on subtle recreations of structure and pattern. Each garment is designed for different price points (low, mid, high) with design development and supporting swatches carried out on domestic and dubied machines 10-12GG. Design outcomes explored updated silhouettes, fresh yarn content and construction to meet the brands aesthetics and commercial awareness.
  • Chinese Whispers Knit Graduate Collection
    Chinese Whispers Knit Graduate CollectionMy collection concept is the exploration of Asian representation in society. The idea stemmed from cat-calling and sexualising women on the street but being more culture specific towards East Asian females. This will respond to conflicts of expression that contribute to typical stereotypes of objectifying women yet juxtaposing this with ironic statements/silhouettes. By storytelling my pieces, they will be enhanced with slogans through jacquards and using traditional silhouettes but exaggerate
  • Shima Seiki Competition
    Shima Seiki CompetitionThis project focuses on my fabric development for my final collection using the Shima Seiki programme. Using my research and design explorations, I venture into different gauges and stitch to interpret my design concept from Chinese knot/macrame to primary exhibitions displays from Ai Wei Wei for inspiration.
  • Technical Design
  • Fashion Textiles
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    Ba Hons Fashion Knitwear and knitted textile designNottingham Trent Univeristy
    London, United Kingdom
    1st Class Honours Degree - specialising in knitwear design.