Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

Graphic DesignerPeterborough, United Kingdom
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Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson

Graphic DesignerPeterborough, United Kingdom
About me
Hello, my name is Kyle Thompson and I aim to be intuitive through learning from others and experimenting. My favourite areas of practice within graphic design are video and experimental art. I’m excited by the evolving world of graphic design with the implementation of new technology bringing about new and creative ways of working. The world of design is changing, and I think this change can help bring awareness to issues across the world. Things I enjoy are films, in particularly sci-fi, playing football and cycling.
  • Norwegian wood book cover designs
    Norwegian wood book cover designsMain and alternate design for the Murakami book Norwegian wood. The design depicts The two birds of Kizuki and Naoko joining each other in death represented as birds, with Toru being left behind.
  • HST LEO 24/04/1990
    HST LEO 24/04/1990My final major project celebrates the important discoveries and stunning imagery from the Hubble space telescope as it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. With a custom typeface made by myself I also used my editorial design skills and image manipulation skills to make the book. And a vast amount of primary and secondary research was carried out to collate and filter the correct information, including a trip to the national space centre in Leicester.
  • Animal farm book cover
    Animal farm book coverAnimal farm cover created using photography of a red ribbon against barbed wire. The red ribbon against the barbed wire can be used to represent many themes in the book including hope, solidarity and the strong theme of communism. The slate greys are a stark contrast to the red and give off vibes of sorrow and hopefulness that also feature.
  • Experimental imagery
    Experimental imageryexperimental photography and juxtaposition piece looking at showing the danger of joining in with gang violence. looking down the barrel of a gun, and walking on a knife edge sum up the imagery and wordplay the dangers.
  • Goodnight Mr Tom
    Goodnight Mr TomPenguin book cover design for Goodnight Mr Tom. Concept comes from the package Zach gave will before he fatefully left for London towards the end of the book. The contents are vague so I made the items physically myself then photographed them and illustrated them for the cover.
  • First things first
    First things firstDPS design of the first things first adbusters manifesto. Comes to life through the mobile app artivive.
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Projects credited in
  • Art Fund - Student Art Pass Campaign
    Art Fund - Student Art Pass CampaignThis campaign aims to get people otherwise not interested in art more engaged by showing them that they can find themselves in art.
    D&AD AUDIBLE OUT OF HOUSE CAMPAIGNDesign and Art Direction (D&AD) is a British educational charity which exists to promote excellence in design and advertising. In 2020, I took part in the competition, working with other designers. Together we worked at creating a new 'Out Of House' campaign for Audible, the audiobook company. The campaign needed to be made with the intent of attracting city dwellers, age 25+, into signing up to Audible. My design partner and I thought that by crafting a younger design, with a distinct look and
  • University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication
    University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic CommunicationOur Graphic Communication course explores the ever-developing field of graphic communication within the creative industries through practical application and investigative debate. You'll explore new ways to expand and challenge the conventions of visual communication through both experimentation and critical awareness. You'll have opportunities to collaborate on live briefs, cross-disciplinary projects and work with the wider design sectors to reflect professional industry practice. https://d
  • Photo Retouching
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Typography
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Idea Generation
  • Active Listening
    BA (hons) Graphic CommunicationUniversity of Northampton
    Northampton, United Kingdom