Laura Rohde

Senior Digital WriterUnited Kingdom
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Laura Rohde

Senior Digital WriterUnited Kingdom
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  • Legal & General
    Legal & GeneralWe're here for you According to the NHS “It’s common for pre-school children to develop specific fears or phobias... and common fears in early childhood include animals, heights, water, blood, and the dark”, and Legal and General wanted to acknowledge the strong desire for parents to protect their children from these things, whilst also providing a practical guide to help.Asking young children “How does your family make you feel safe?” or “What do your parents do that makes you feel happy?” the
  • Levis — We Ride
    Levis — We RideBearded messengers. Hipsters. Laid-back contraption kings. The world of ‘fixies’ (fixed wheel bikes) is a hotchpotch of two-wheeled clans. Levi’s was set to launch their new Commuter range – a denim line made for cyclists, but with style in mind. As part of the launch, Levi’s had acquired hundreds of bikes and set them up in stores around the world. But post launch, they had no use for them. So they gave us the challenge of finding a way to use the bikes that extended the life and hype around th
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