Levis — We Ride

Bearded messengers. Hipsters. Laid-back contraption kings. The world of ‘fixies’ (fixed wheel bikes) is a hotchpotch of two-wheeled clans. Levi’s was set to launch their new Commuter range – a denim line made for cyclists, but with style in mind. As part of the launch, Levi’s had acquired hundreds of bikes and set them up in stores around the world. But post launch, they had no use for them. So they gave us the challenge of finding a way to use the bikes that extended the life and hype around the campaign. The solution: Levi’s We Ride. A global, social campaign that invited cyclists to hashtag their favourite cycling pics for the chance to win a bike. David had just three days to turn around the campaign look and feel, website design, leaflets and promotional pack. Despite the tight timings, the campaign design went on to win a number of awards, both locally and internationally. Creative Director: Mike Watson Art Direction, Design: David Jorre, Kristina Matovic


2013 IPM AWARDS – Best Direct Marketing Led Campaign (Gold)
2013 IPM AWARDS – Best Healthcare, Fashion and Beauty Led Campaign (Finalist)
2013 MAA BEST AWARDS – Best Direct Marketing Led Campaign (Gold)
2013 SIGI AWARDS – Direct Marketing (Highly Commended)
2013 CAMPAIGN BIG AWARDS – Direct Marketing (Finalist)
2013 CRESTA AWARDS – Direct Marketing (Finalist)
2013 MAA BEST AWARDS – Best Typography (Finalist)

Storytelling —

To introduce Levi’s Commuter cycle wear to fixie (fixed-wheel bike) riders, an influential cycling subculture, we created a brand new media placement. We discovered that fixie riders use cards lodged in the spokes of their wheels to identify themselves in street races, and the riders retain these cards as status symbols. So we distributed 6000 of our own designer cards in the spokes of fixies across the streets of Amsterdam, Paris and London. The spoke card generated a 23% response rate – the highest response for any Levi’s acquisition mailing. The gallery of bike images on the Commuter product page received 39,638 unique visits, six times the number of cyclists initially targeted with the spoke card pack. 

Design & Craft