Lihui Liang

Lihui Liang

artist, creative director, product designerLondon, United Kingdom
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Lihui Liang

Lihui Liang

artist, creative director, product designerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, my name is Lihui. I have an eye for beauty and a scientific rigor towards things can best be. Besides making images, I can also provide strategic advice to help you build a unique brand. Instagram: counterreality
  • Create Your Reality and Your Brand Through Surrealist Fashion Photography
    Create Your Reality and Your Brand Through Surrealist Fashion PhotographyI think it is an artists' job to reveal the current issues of the world and create a balance between them. From July to September 2021, I've created some fashion photography and I drew in the photos to express my visions. If you like my works, please help me spread my visions. You are stronger than you think you are because the universe wants you to be happy. When you are in your mind and get distracted with works, and constantly thinking about what's next, you are blocking yourself from conne
  • CounterReality -  Look for team members
    CounterReality - Look for team membersAre you a mind wanderer? Do you find that you disagree with rules of pop culture? Do you always want to know what it is? Do you hope to make some changes? If two of these are true for you, come and join CounterReality! My name is Lihui. I am a visual artist based in London. I created social enterprise project CounterReality in 2017. CounterReality is a world of ideas, imagination and knowledge, led by iconoclastic creatives and intellectuals whose purpose is to challenge common sense and explo
  • Hatlight
    HatlightHatlight is a hat that provides both shade in the day and light at night in one product. There is a light under the brim that turns on when the brim is flipped over. Hatlight makes your life fun and convenient. The future of outdoor activities will be controlled by the fun new features of Hatlight.
  • Water Saving Faucet
    Water Saving FaucetThis uniquely designed water saving faucet can make people save water while using a faucet, especially when they are washing face.
  • Logo Design
    Logo DesignA logo is an important visual symbol to represent brand identity. It can tell who you are and what you do. Many startup companies ignored the importance of the logo and downloaded a cheap logo on the internet, often poor and soulless. A brand is like a human if you don't infuse it with a soul, it lasts short. You will find me using symbols a lot in my designs. Symbols can represent reality in a simplistic, candid way. Animals, colors, shapes, plants, numbers are all symbols. We don’t always sp
  • The Yellow Dog With the Red Flower
    The Yellow Dog With the Red FlowerThe Yellow Dog was a very friendly dog, who was always happy playing and wagging her tail at everyone. She had shiny yellow fur, but that was not the only special thing about her. April didn’t know why, but she had always liked red flowers. Whenever she thought of them, she became happy and full of energy. She couldn’t stop thinking about the red flower, so she decided to leave her family and friends to go on a quest to find the perfect flower. This is a story about the yellow dog seeking for h
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Work history
    San Francisco, United StatesFull Time
    Hosted weekly events to bring artists, engineers, physicists, and philosophers together to discover and bring truths into creation. Painted portraits to help people to find true selves outside social roles by focusing on colors, symbols, and what they stand for. Created surrealism-style paintings to question the nature of mind and reality.
    Graphic DesignFoldscope
     - San Francisco, United StatesInternship
    Proposed company logo and other graphic elements. Taught in a product workshop at 2016 Fab Lab International Conference in Shenzhen. Translated with Chinese partners.
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  • Digital Illustration
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Oil Painting
  • Video Editing
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Industrial DesignCalifornia College of the Arts
     - San Francisco, United States
    Besides industrial design, I also took graphic design, fashion design, typography, philosophy, and painting class.