Lucia Ferguson

Studio Manager



About me

I am positive and approachable, with a strong work ethic and motivation, looking for a creative career to balance with my artistic practice. A Distinction Fine Art Foundation and a First Class English Literature MA are testament to my determination and continual engagement with creative thinking and making. I strive for a vibrant life; I have always worked alongside my academic studies and pursued a wide variety of interests, such as co-directing for a theatre company and becoming a qualified ski instructor. Working in environments as diverse as the Italian Alps, classrooms, an office-based business, a café and family homes illustrates my flexibility in applying adaptable skills: efficient time-management and awareness of responsibility. My extensive experience working with groups and individuals, adults, children, and those with learning disabilities, has provided me with excellent people-skills and a strong sense of initiative. I am able to adapt to the needs and expectations of those who I work with to achieve successful working relationships. I would embrace the opportunity to apply my qualities and experience within an organisation that values creative thinking and allows me to thrive: to develop new skills and give my full potential.


  • Editiing
  • Highly Organised
  • Responsible
  • Resourceful
  • Communitcation Skills
  • People Skills
  • Computer Literate
  • Conscencious Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Positive Attitude

Work history


Customer Success Administrator


May 2016
  • Reading, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • Virtualstock is a software company that provides a cloud-based platform for improving the visibility and efficiency of supply chains. My role: - Assisting project management using software (Trello), producing information packs and planning communications - Organising supplier communications and managing progress - Administrative role using written communication skills to create and edit both internal and client-facing documentation - Documenting business and technical processes, such as maintaining user guides and video tutorials


Teaching Assistant

Dolphin School

Apr 2016 - Jul 2016
  • Twyford, Reading, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • My role: - Supporting staff with the children and activities in the Nursery - Leading activities with small groups of children - Maintaining displays and assisting creative projects


Ski Instructor and School and College Co-ordinator


Jan 2015 - Feb 2017
  • Aosta, Aosta Valley, Italy
  • Full Time
  • My role: Ski Instructor - Sole responsibility of a group of eight children during teaching hours - Planning lessons for beginners - Awarding and presenting the levels the children achieved My role: School and College Co-ordinator - Looking after school and college groups from the start to the end of their trip. Acting as their primary port of call for all queries or issues - Organising and managing the weekly itinerary of evening activities and liaising with drivers and hoteliers to ensure the timings work smoothly - Group management of parties up to 98 strong, with children ages ten-eighteen. Including public speaking during the welcome meetings and final night presentation - Client-facing role, lots of interaction with the groups, including learning the children's names, engaging in conversation and keeping up-to-date with the progress of their skiing - Attentive to individuals needs, such as dietary requirements, responding to injuries, helping any who struggled on the slopes, or who had medical conditions



Distinction Fine Art Foundation

The Art Academy

Sep 2016 - Jul 2017
  • London, United Kingdom
  • My Foundation has been invaluable in allowing me to realise what kind of maker I am - how I approach my practice and bring meaning to my work. It gave me the space to define and analyse my artistic interests, such as texture and material quality, as well as gaining many new skills, such as an understanding of ceramics and Photoshop. I embraced the opportunity to follow the momentum of my creative exploration, encouraging the germination of ideas and having the facilities and support to tangibly realise these ideas. I enjoyed learning new approaches to drawing and painting, but I found the most vitality in sculpture. I delight in the immediacy of sculpture, the reliance on material properties, and experimenting with the extent to which these can be transformed, translated and pushed. I began to interrogate the definition and nature of sculpture itself; what makes something sculptural and how is this different from other art forms? This trajectory led me to a preoccupation with space and sculptural context. My final show and current work continues to investigate this premise, with the intention of creating pieces that actively engage with their potential spaces.


First Class MA (Hons) English Literature

The University of Edinburgh

Sep 2011 - Jul 2015
  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Achieving a First Class degree is one of my greatest successes to date, and whilst it is confirmation of my academic ability, it is also testament to my hard work and love of learning. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Edinburgh, balancing my studies with paid work and extracurricular interests throughout, such as life drawing and charity work. However, it was the academic environment that I most valued, as I was given the time, space and encouragement to develop advanced critical thinking skills. Engaging with subjects in informed and creative ways was exciting, and I was drawn to courses that offered a thematic approach to literature, spanning a variety of forms, contexts and cultures. I felt that these offered greater facility to gain more rounded and applicable knowledge, as historical patterns or facets of human psychology were often relevant. My dissertation followed this approach, as I used a Shakespearean play, Victorian poem and Twentieth-century novel to interrogate relationships of desire and feminist theory. Above all, my degree has given me a strong foundation in transferable skills: thorough and creative critical thinking, a rigorous work ethic and excellent written and spoken communication.