Lucia Matušíková

Event Coordinator & Manager

Liverpool, United Kingdom
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About me

Enthusiast with experience in live events and festivals. Always looking for new opportunities and adventures. It is important for me to be in an environment that is driving for changes, equality and which is motivating for being a better person. I am honest, flexible, friendly, self-driven and open to everything that life throws at me.

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  • Microsoft Office
  • Mac OS
  • Canva
  • Google Docs
  • Project Management
  • Stage Management
  • Artist Liaison
  • Festival Management
  • Event Management
  • Touring

Companies I’ve worked with

  • Bam!Bam!Bam!


    • Music
  • L

    Liverpool Sound City

    • R

      Rebel, Rebel.

      • N

        Naturalista O.Z.

        Work history


        Project Manager & Co Founder

        Naturalista O.Z.

        Mar 2016
        • Poprad, Slovakia
        • Freelance
        • We have decided to set up a not-for-profit company, as there was a lack of cultural events and environmental awareness in our city. So far we have launched exciting and successful project called "Community Garden in Svit", located in the primary school, which is available for use to the locals, as well as, for children in school that utilise it through out their gardening and environmental classes. My responsibilities are: - Overlooking finance and grant applications, securing and developing partnerships with other organisations. - Creating projects (along with portfolios) focusing on arts, culture and environment as our is our latest project – Community Garden in Svit, Slovakia. - Currently working on Jazz Evening in Poprad, Slovakia that will be launched in 2019


        Stage Manager

        Various Festivals

        Jan 2016
        • United Kingdom
        • Freelance
        • Since I have started working for festivals I have worked my way up from the Runner's position up to Stage Management. I have a profound understanding of how the backstage works, what to do in times of crisis and how to take care of the artist and the manager. The festivals I worked for as a Stage Manager include Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Wrong Festival and Soul Festival.


        Cultural Management & Production

        Czech Centre

        Oct 2018 - Dec 2018
        • Budapest, Hungary
        • Internship
        • Csekkold! Festival 2019 - Festival Co-ordinator My role for festival's 2019 edition was to liaise with directors of more than 20 of the best theatres in the Czech Republic and prepare the initial documents for the Artistic Director of the festival so she could decide which plays to put on the festival's program. Prior to that, I had to research the contemporary Czech theatre and make myself familiar with the theatre scene. The research consisted of the current programmes of theatre festivals, National Theatre Awards for past two years and others. A major part of the role was the grant I applied for on behalf of the Czech Centre Budapest accredited by the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic. I had to complete grant's official forms, create the budget, make festival’s detailed programme, a project plan and request letters of recommendation and cooperation from Joszef Katona Theatre in Budapest. In March 2019, I received a message that the grant was successful. EUNIC Hungary - Organisation Coordinator During my time at the Czech Centre Budapest, their presidency in EUNIC Hungary cluster started. Over time my role developed into a management role of the main coordinator of the cluster. I was running the meetings and the communication within the cluster, in a later stage I was the main person in the process of updating the cluster documentation (Charter & Strategy). EUNIC Hungary gave me a rare experience by enabling me to work with international diplomats working in the fields of art and culture and dealing with the high state officials. I also experienced and learnt how to deal with international diplomatic problems.


        Production Assistant

        Liverpool Sound City

        Feb 2018 - May 2018
        • Liverpool, United Kingdom
        • Internship
        • While working for Sound City I occupied the role of a venue liaison meaning that I was in contact with all the venues where Sound City was about the take place. Another part of my role starter as collecting Risk Assessments, Emergency Procedures, Fire Assessments, Children policies and Health & Safety policies. Later one I used this while working on the Event Safety Management Plan for the 2018 edition of the festival. Sound City is a small and lively organisation and working in such a fast-paced environment has prepared me for working environments, where time is precious and the skill of crisis management very appreciated.


        Show Representative


        Dec 2017 - Dec 2017
        • Liverpool, United Kingdom
        • Freelance
        • In summer 2018, I started working as a show representative for BAM!BAM!BAM! Productions based in Liverpool. One of the major events, I was repping for them, was Wolves in the Throne Room in Invisible Wind Factory. From being the contact person on the day, I had also liaised with the venue crew, tour managers, and supporting bands. Also, I had to manage the box office and all the staff that was working in the venue and collected the riders prior to the event. Having the opportunity to rep shows, has given me an insightful understanding of managing events from a detailed point of view. It enabled me to improve myself when delivering my own events or events on behalf of someone else, by paying extra attention to every human aspect taking part in the process of preparing an event. As we all work as a team.


        Tour Manager

        Juan Zelada

        Sep 2017 - Jun 2018
        • Spain
        • Freelance
        • LIPA Spain Tour was my annual project where I was working as a Tour Manager for Juan Zelada and his LIPA band. I have worked on the logistics and promotion, and as the leading manager of the project. On the tour we visited Liverpool, Manchester, Madrid, Gijón, Bilbao and Zaragoza. The project was co-produced with Artistas Interpretes o Ejecutantes and The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. My role included: - Managing the project's Social Media - Twitter, Facebook - Attended meetings with our tutor and the team - taking minutes, leading the conversation - Designing the marketing material - from the posters and flyers to online design - Overlooking the artist's wellbeing, scheduling and promotional events - Attending all promotional events in Madrid


        Social Media & Booking

        Rebel, Rebel.

        Oct 2016 - Nov 2016
        • Liverpool, United Kingdom
        • Freelance
        • Event running every 2 months in extraordinary spaces & venues in Liverpool (Buyers Club, 24 Kitchen Street, Camp & Furnace). Responsible for regular updating of Twitter (@RebelRebel_CN) Booking artists: Cabezudos, Stilia



        (BAHons) Management of Music, Entertainment, Theatre & Events

        The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

        Sep 2016
        • Liverpool, United Kingdom
        • Developed my knowledge in Entertainment Law, Marketing, Raising Funds & Managing Finance, Business Planning and Live Performance Management. Managed various projects - LIPA Spain Tours, organised events for music students, worked closely with theatre and performance technology and design students. Followed changes in industry trends and changing styles, along with the masterclasses by Nile Rodgers, Paul McCartney, Max Lousada, Mark Hamilton, and many more.


        Certificate in Digital Skills


        May 2019 - May 2019
        • Liverpool, United Kingdom
        • Digital Skills Training Programme: Web Presence, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, User Experience, User Interface, SEO, Audience Insights