Luna Mafo

Luna Mafo

Filmmaker, writer, producerŽilina, Slovakia
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Luna Mafo

Luna Mafo

Filmmaker, writer, producerŽilina, Slovakia
About me
I'm a creator, of sorts. I like making questions and exploring them via different mediums. Theatre has been my favorite medium for a long time but now I have been delving more into film and video making. My favourite way of working is through collaborative processes, either with other professionals or just curious minds. For me, a project is about creation as much as it is about research and that is what I will try to do with whoever joins for the ride.
  • 1 min FUTURE
    1 min FUTUREVery short film in response to an arts and algorithms talk. Dec-2020
  • Ozvuk Sphéry: Lucie Páchová
    Ozvuk Sphéry: Lucie Páchová"I've wanted to create something like a resonant floor for a long time, where you lie down and feel the whole space vibrate, you feel the sound with your whole body. The sphere offers it, it's a finished floor - you put a speaker on it and it starts vibrating." We are preparing the sound program Sphéry together with Zoltán Czakó and Jakub Juhás from Mappa editions. https: // ... https: // ...
  • NO ON-whole day performance
    NO ON-whole day performanceNO ON is an organic creative process. It is a performative concert, dance without choreography, music without notes. It exists in a given space and at a given time, selflessly offering a spectrum of images, tones, movements, light fluxes, emotions, inspirations. The task of Barbora and Juraj behind the glass is to make everything pass through them, resonate. If they feel the potential in the resulting resonance, direct it or transform it, they immerse themselves in their imagination, and thus c
  • Memory and Narration
    Memory and NarrationA project with a Brazilian research/study group. Video-podcast about memories, the city, and everything in between.
  • Slime mould vs Humans
    Slime mould vs HumansA project at the Cube Design Museum (Kerkrade, NL) where I put slime mould and human cognition to a test. How will the two behave when making decisions? What strategies can they learn from each other?
  • The martian project
    The martian projectAn online play about colonization, technology, death, and what happens when a body will simply never decompose.
Work history
    Video-makerTruc Spherique
    Žilina, SlovakiaFull Time
    I make videos and photos of the exhibits and performances at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie [cultural centre] and Nová synagóga Žilina [art gallery].
    Blog writerSirius Smartshop
    Maastricht, NetherlandsPart Time
    I write for their blog, translate and write product descriptions.
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  • Video Creation
  • Academic Writing
  • Ceative Writing
  • Acting
  • Teaching
  • Theatre Directing
  • Audio Editing
  • Project Management
  • Science Communication
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
    Maastricht University logo
    Maastricht University logo
    BAMaastricht University
     - Maastricht, Netherlands
    Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences. My final project: A game between humans and an amoeba (slime mould) and a question: who does better at decision making? Example of courses I took there: - Cell biology - Genetics - Genomics and Proteomics - Science in Action - Molecular biology - Systems biology - Programming (I, II) - Cognitive neurosciences (I, II, III) - Applied statistics - Linear algebra - Calculus
    Performing ArtsUniversity of São Paulo
     - São Paulo, Brazil
    I did not finish this but the years I spent there were extremely valuable and certainly contributed to who I am today. There I worked on multiple collaborative projects and learned about the potential that theatre has to incite discussions and political engagement. Examples of courses I took there: - Poetics of the body and the voice - Theatre History - Practices of the scene - Theatre games - Theatre of gesture - Theatre and society - Music - Brazilian theatre - Cultural Action and Theatre - Anthropology - Structuralism