NO ON-whole day performance

  • Luna Mafo

NO ON is an organic creative process. It is a performative concert, dance without choreography, music without notes. It exists in a given space and at a given time, selflessly offering a spectrum of images, tones, movements, light fluxes, emotions, inspirations. The task of Barbora and Juraj behind the glass is to make everything pass through them, resonate. If they feel the potential in the resulting resonance, direct it or transform it, they immerse themselves in their imagination, and thus create dense matter in space. This matter actually arises from their being together in the room. In this way, random passers-by can peek through the windows like voyeurs. They can perceive the energy between Barbora and Juraj, let themselves be carried away by the created images and melodies during an ordinary walk or while they are waiting for the train ... The event was publicly supported by the Fond na podporu umenia [Arts Support Fund]. Premiere 30.9.2020 at 19:00, TICHO et al., Školská 14, 811 07, Bratislava The project partners are the Bratislava self-governing region, except for the o.z.