Maria Pilar Polo

Maria Pilar Polo

Fashion trend researcher, digital artistZaragoza, Spain
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Maria Pilar Polo

Maria Pilar Polo

Fashion trend researcher, digital artistZaragoza, Spain
About me
The main area of my work has always been in fashion. I’m currently focusing on trend research for fashion brands. I help them to develop a vision for their collections based on ideas that will sell. Apart from trend forecasting, I also style editorials, create digital content as well as offer services as an online personal shopper. However, as you can see in my profile I’ve done quite a lot of work in graphic design mainly for personal projects. Send me a message if you would like to work together!
  • Color trend moodboard: green
    Color trend moodboard: greenI noticed that green was one of the most popular colours during fashion week early this year. Not only on the runway but also in the street style. Green in all its different shades and variations as well as in leaf prints and patterns. Versace brought back this year the leaf print from the JLo dress that was the beginning of Google Images. She created a whole collection with this print. I also noticed a special combination with blue. Since classic blue is the color of the year according to Panto
  • The Future of The Fashion Week
    The Future of The Fashion WeekIn this post I tell you all about the different ways that technology is changing the fashion industry. Read it here:
  • The color of the year: classic blue
    The color of the year: classic blueThis is a mood board I created for classic blue. Classic blue is the color that Pantone chose for 2020. The reason behind this choice is that blue and especially this shade represents calm and trust in times of turmoil. Blue is also the color of communication. This decade we changed the way we talk to each other, but in 2020, we will seek a more personal approach. Technology is taking over and we are experiencing quick changes that are hard to process so we grasp to classic colors that we know a
  • #createfulness
    #createfulnessThis was a project I did for Adobe's contest #createfulness. I wanted to make a fun poster inspired on the holidays with an 80s aesthetic
  • Create your style
    Create your style
  • Nature's Escape
    Nature's EscapeIdea of nature as an escape. Class project. Photos used for the composition are not mine
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