Michelle Nüssli

Michelle Nüssli

Graphic DesignerBasel, Switzerland
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Michelle Nüssli

Michelle Nüssli

Graphic DesignerBasel, Switzerland
  • StrawGold Catalogue
    StrawGold CatalogueThis catalogue was created for the exhibition StrawGold at the cultural museum in Basel. The museum exhibits a collection of cultural objects and creates new contexts through innovative combinations of different cultural elements like materials, religious or political beliefs, techniques and objects. Additionally the exhibition itself changes twice a year by alternating artists and their works. Therefore this catalogue is a reflection and addition to StrawGold by transforming various elements of
  • The Walls of Suzhou Gardens – A Photographic Journey
    The Walls of Suzhou Gardens – A Photographic JourneyIn the Chinese gardens of Suzhou, walls are transformed into landscapes and surfaces into spaces. The photographer Hélène Binet captures the influences and traces of the environment on built structures in a wonderful way. The book The Walls of Suzhou Gardens shows a journey through imaginary landscapes. The photographs show how weather and time have turned blank walls into vivid depictions of nature. Architecture becomes a window for imagination. Hélène Binet creates an interaction between foreg
  • Nüssli Partner – Lawyers and Notaries
    Nüssli Partner – Lawyers and NotariesThe identity design of the Nüssli Partner law firm reflects on one hand the two main partners of the company and on the other their notion to combine professionalism with individualism. The dots are symbolic for two balanced poles who represent justice as a reminder of Justita, an allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems. An important aspect for the visual identity was the fusion of professionalism and determination with individualism and personality. Lineto's LL Circul
  • The Intimacy of Making – Three Historical Sites in Korea
    The Intimacy of Making – Three Historical Sites in KoreaThe Swiss French photographer Hélène Binet takes us on a visual journey through a world of stone, walls and gardens that define and celebrate Korean art. The Intimacy of Making captures the traditional Korean architecture of three historical sites. Her camera work brings together both nature and the built structures, and reveals the souls of the three places.
  • Old is New – Architectural Works by New Material Research Laboratory
    Old is New – Architectural Works by New Material Research LaboratoryThe paradoxical concept “the oldest things are the newest” runs through the works of the Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto. In 2008, Sugimoto and the architect Tomoyuki Sakakida founded the New Material Research Laboratory, an architecture company that researches and develops “new materials” from known techniques by applying a different approach and interpretation. The laboratory researches and develops materials with the aim of rethinking the use of ancient materials and transla
  • Genusswoche Basel 2019
    Genusswoche Basel 2019The aim of the fair Genusswoche Basel 2019 was to promote joy and diversity of local food. The focus was set on regionality, seasonality, naturalness and freshness as well as the joint experience of diverse enjoyment. The concept for the design is based on the idea to ​​visualize experiences of enjoyment. The various experiences of food should flood through our body — they should take over and give us the opportunity to discover new possibilities. Therefore, four local and recognizable edibles h
Work history
    Graphic DesignerLars Müller Publishers
     - Zürich, SwitzerlandInternship
    Graphic DesignerAtelier Dyakova
     - London, United KingdomInternship
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    Moving Graphics WorkshopBasel School of Design HGK FHNW
     - Basel, Switzerland
    Type Design WorkshopBasel School of Design HGK FHNW
     - Basel, Switzerland
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