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Mickiela Christian

Mickiela Christian

About me
Mickiela Christian is a self-taught visual artist from Jamaica who has been painting traditional pieces in acrylic and oil since 2018. Christian maintains the focus on creativity by exhibiting at the 2019 She n Har Thoughts (Women's Exhibition), the 2020 JBDC Design Fusion Group Show involving fashion designers and artists, the 2021 Jamaica Rum Festival (sponsored by the Tourism Enhancement Fund), and the 2023 virtual group exhibition called "Nature and Nurture" by the Dore Art Collective. Recently, she has been doing projects involving combining traditional media such as painting and illustration with typography design work. My Instagram is @khaosfromkiki
  • "Don't want to be caught."
    "Don't want to be caught."This is the final version of my new piece. I created this piece to emphasize the importance of being vigilant and watchful over the things that are yet to happen. Sometimes, you might want to escape the tediousness of mundane physical tasks. You may want to focus on building your expectations for life while being detached from your physical surroundings and outcomes. This piece is based on that notion, and it highlights the extent to which you can continue to live in the world that you are slowl
  • Unnamed painting project.
    Unnamed painting project.This is a work in progress for an upcoming piece that has elements of surrealism and editorial. I haven't come up with the name for this piece yet but the theme centres around perception.
  • Abstract-theories Series: Piecing back
    Abstract-theories Series: Piecing backPieces of yourself that you'd like to meet more frequently are nurtured as you go through the process of piecing yourself back together. As if reassembling oneself would be a meticulous, reverent, and unpleasant task. An abstract interpretation of how you might be perceived, depending on who's looking, is created by weaving together all the aspects of yourself that you enjoy, despise, and leave unexplored. Materials used: CD, Gesso, and Acrylic paint This is one of the few pieces I explored wh
  • Humility: A part of the 7 Heavenly Virtues Series
    Humility: A part of the 7 Heavenly Virtues SeriesThis piece, a part of the 7 Heavenly Virtues, is a reflection of a weekend when I had a revelation that humility manifests in different forms. Humility is sometimes mistaken for weakness but it's actually a wonderful and quiet trait that helps us progress in our lives. Materials used: acrylic and oil paint on canvas.
  • TheSourCollective: Issue #19
    TheSourCollective: Issue #19This is an illustration that I created to be featured in Issue #19: Dandelion Issue of The Sour Collective's zine called "Growing Like Dandelions." This illustration expressed the similarities between humanity's resilience and the resilience of dandelions, which grow even in less than optimal conditions at times. Dandelions make a home for themselves anywhere and represent a light-hearted spirit. A concept people can connect to.
  • Green Confliction: Anti-Design Relatable Mood Typography
    Green Confliction: Anti-Design Relatable Mood TypographyUsing one of my own illustrations and some typography, I created another design poster. This is one of the self-initiated projects that I created for a miniseries about portraying the various feelings we occasionally experience and frequently have no idea why we do.
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Work history
    ArtistDore art ollective
     - Atlanta, United StatesFreelance
    I was selected as one of the final artists to exhibit for the Nature vs. Nurture group virtual exhibition.
    Business Developement RepresentativeEmerging Digital Technology
     - United StatesFull Time
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