Moesha Kellaway

Moesha Kellaway

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Moesha Kellaway

Moesha Kellaway

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
In true stereotypical illustrator style, I can often be found tote bag in hand with my sketchbook and a handful of drawing tools rattling around inside and possibly a pencil in my hair. Whilst I'm a sucker for a 4B pencil and dotted pages, Procreate is typically alongside them in my tools of choice. Drawing inspiration from my childhood growing up in Somerset, my love of nature, people watching and exploring the outdoors; many of my illustrations contain a playful use of shapes, colours and characters - with a mix of detail, humour and sometimes anthropomorphism.
  • & that's just the beginning of the story
    & that's just the beginning of the storyOver the course of last year, like many other students I moved back home to live with my family during the pandemic. At first it was strange fitting back into my family’s daily lives, but during this time I found myself reconnecting with my sisters. Daily rambles of nonsense and exaggerations of daydreams ensued. Looking through the eyes and imagination of an 8 year old was just the inspiration I found I needed... This animation takes some recorded snippets from these conversations and brings to
  • Fly Dive
    Fly DiveLiving in rural Somerset, flies are everywhere during Summer. This short animation stemmed from a long Summer's dog walk filled with continuous attempts from flies to fly into my eye. After some anthropomorphic jokes with my sister about what flies get up to - this animation and the depiction of a fly's summer were created!
  • Showreel
    Showreel2020 illustration animation showreel
  • Vodafone's Vodafun @ Home
    Vodafone's Vodafun @ HomeA recent commission for Vodafone where a box containing this booklet and fun activities were sent out to employees (due to the festival cancellation). I had a fab time working on this project with freelance graphic designer Sarah (@jolly_gs on insta) and illustrating a variety of components within this A4 booklet!
  • #shaketember
    #shaketemberI've been having fun taking part in this year's 'Shaketember' run by the groovy people over at Shake Bristol... Check out my instagram to see more!
  • On the Hunt for Mushrooms
    On the Hunt for MushroomsOn the Hunt for Mushrooms is the title of my Pre-Major Project, in which I created an ‘educational picture book’ consisting of an entertaining narrative before moving onto double page spreads identifying various mushrooms and fungi that can be found in the U.K. The initial narrative has a humorous twist when we see a mushroom being plucked and inspected.
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  • Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) Illustration
    Arts University Bournemouth, BA (Hons) IllustrationThe BA Illustration course at AUB is founded on an inclusive notion of illustration, that recognises the breadth of practices, and contexts within which it operates. Here, students define their own universe whilst building the skills to enable them to adapt to the rapidly expanding and diversifying field of contemporary illustration, whether those are drawing, print, digital or time-based practices. AUB illustration students are resourceful and agile creatives who maintain a clear sense of th
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    Bruton, United KingdomFreelance
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Character Illustration
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  • Book Illustration
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Childrens Illustration
  • Editorial Illustration
    Arts University Bournemouth logo
    Arts University Bournemouth logo
    Illustration BA (hons) Arts University Bournemouth
    Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    Foundation Diploma in Art and DesignCity of Bath College
     - Bath, United Kingdom