Nathan Haines

Nathan Haines

Co-founder | element26.tvLondon, United Kingdom
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Nathan Haines

Nathan Haines

Co-founder | element26.tvLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I run - a creative agency on a mission to connect brands with their audience through powerful and emotive stories. Pre-Covid I would regularly speak at events in respect to brand building through story telling - now as you can imagine, it’s all virtual. I enjoy working closely with our clients to create and deliver strategies that delight customers and deliver meaningful ROI. I’m fortunate to have travelled the world whilst doing what I love (when travelling the world was a thing). Husband to a formidable wife and a father to two incredible girls, I am a keen advocate of gender equality (so much more work needs to be done here). Thank you for checking out my profile. I’m keen to hear more about your story so please do drop me a message.
  • Blacksand
    BlacksandShort film project directed by Bernhard Pucher based on the works of Neil Gaiman. Produced by my Head of Production, Kate Aldridge, Blacksand is a story based on the Sandman comics.
Projects credited in
  • Give It All To You – music video
    Give It All To You – music videoShot on twin Alexas, DoP Luca Ciuti did a stunning job creating two distinct looks for the video. This was to help communicate that the film took place over two different time zones. This production was a joy to shoot. With so many talented extras on set, it would have been impossible to avoid a few moments of magic, for example when the band spontaneously broke into an impromptu rendition of Valerie.
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