We’re looking to grow our roster of freelance 2D & 3D animation directors at element26.tv

If this is you please send links to post at elementtwentysix.com


  • Hi Nathan, I do Whiteboard Animation, with a tiny bit of movement if needed. Custom script writing, storyboard with sketches, full colour or black and white illustrations, voice and music, full production offer. I appreciate it's not inside your request, but thought I'd put my name down, you never know. Not all our work is on here, so I will work on that.

  • Hey Nathan

    I do 2D animation, that would be awesome if you could have a look at my portfolio and hit me up if you are interested.


    Take care and have a lovely day,
  • Hi!

    I'm a graphic artist with some experience in 2D animation. Used to work in a studio in Brazil as an animation assistent. Also, been exploring collage animation in a more stop motion laguange.

    Can help with assets, colouring, shadowing(these are my fuctions in the studio)...or create original short collage animations.

    Get in touch if inerested in seeing more samples. There are some fwe in my profile here.

    Keep safe and heathy

  • Hello Nathan, 2D Animation Director here! Please check out my website to view my showreels and short films - http://www.clairewinteranimation.com/
  • Hello Nathan, I'm a 2D Animator

    Here's my showreel

  • hey, I'm Blergh, a motion designer. I'm super interested in learning more about this opportunity.
    check out some of my work: https://blergh-creative.com/ https://dribbble.com/blergh_creative https://www.instagram.com/blergh_creative/

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