Niccolò Massariello

CopywriterRome, Italy
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Phillip Bircham
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Niccolò Massariello

CopywriterRome, Italy
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  • Klarna Smooth
    Klarna SmoothFollowing the recent coronation of Smoooth Dogg, Klarna has invited a number of the most promising profiles in the music industry for an extraordinarily opulent round of Room Service.
  • VICE x ALL4 Docs
    VICE x ALL4 Docs60' Promo for broadcast and digital showcasing VICE's strongest documentaries now available on All4
  • Mexico City is Voguing
    Mexico City is VoguingSometimes finding the truest expression of yourself takes a community, a sense of belonging, and for members of the House of Apocalipstick—a vogue collective based in Mexico City—a family. The sun is shining through a cloudless sky, it’s 31 degrees and on this particular Sunday afternoon it seems that everyone (and their dog) is meandering about Parque México, an art deco park in the centre of Mexico City’s effortlessly trendy and exceptionally green Condesa neighbourhood. Dotted with ponds, scu
  • 7UP® | “Feels Good To Be You™”
    7UP® | “Feels Good To Be You™”7UP® “Feels Good To Be You™” Film Series, shot by Vice UK LIMITED, showcases four unique individuals from around the world whose originality, charm, and passion are brought to life in inspiring films. For our feature, we had the teams from Vice & 7UP join us as we embarked on one of our biggest street art interventions, with local artists and volunteers, to paint up an abandoned staircase in the heart of Beirut.
  • Photographing the Last of the Milk Bars
    Photographing the Last of the Milk BarsApril 28, 2015 Photos by EAMON DONNELLY They're known as corner shops in New South Wales, delis in South Australia, and dairies in New Zealand, but a milk bar is where Victorians go to buy Chico rolls, 5-cent lollies, and several different types of white bread. They're vestiges of a 20th century childhood and sadly they're on the way out. Which all explains why a guy from Melbourne named Eamon Donnelly is documenting them. As a graphic designer and photographer, Eamon self-published a book of
    VICE X SNAPCHAT SAVE YOURSELVES PROJECTThe brief was to develop a creative concept using AR on Snapchat where Vice could complement its Climate Change editorial and have a real impact on the issue.
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