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Nicole McLaughlin

Editorial IllustratorGlasgow, United Kingdom
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Nicole McLaughlin

Editorial IllustratorGlasgow, United Kingdom
About me
I am a Glaswegian illustrator who has just graduated Illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. The main inspiration in my work is to make people smile. As an illustrator, I feel it is my mission to convey a message. I work with bold line, loose shapes and strict palettes. During my final year at university, I had the opportunity to work as the Illustration Manager for the university magazine - The Magdalen. I was awarded Designer of The Year 2020 from DUSA Media. This sparked my passion for Editorial work. I also adore working in various areas - packaging, children's book, book illustration, stationery and merchandise.
    Created for the House of Illustration competition 2020. Each piece is designed with a similar palette having a distinct colour to highlight an aspect of the poem.
  • YCN x UK GREETINGS: Fright Night
    An open brief by UK Greetings to create a collection of gift cards, gift bags, wrapping paper and stationery. I decided to create pieces for Halloween. This personally is my favourite holiday and I feel this form of gift packaging is greatly lacking. I wanted to create pieces that captured the fun and innocence of Halloween. Using puns as inspiration for the visuals, bright welcoming colours and icons visuals to create a collection which sits well together. This is the gift bag that doubles as
    Created for the Penguin Competition, Non-Fiction category. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. As this book covers a wide variety of topics and mainly using comedy to make complicated topics understandable, I wanted to reflect this by creating a selection of illustrations. I wanted to create the idea of a chalkboard as this created the challenge of working with a strict palette relevant to the subjects.
  • DURA,These Windows: Knitted Glass
    A collaboration project with Illustration students and Creative Writing students based on a day at Dundee's V&A. This illustration accompanied Knitted Glass by Hannah Whaley. This poem explores the theme of a toxic friendship and the mental health that comes along with it. Sometimes the hardest relationships to end is a friendship.
    A two-day project with Scriberia to replicate how their company works. Each classmate was given their own subject to research and illustrate key points. "How not to be stupid, according to a top stupidity researcher" was the top I was given. I wanted to flip the idea of a stupidity researcher, creating the idea that clowns could only do this job role. This made it exciting to visualise the main points of my topics. I wanted to work with a strict palette so the diverse images wouldn't be too di
  • CHILDREN'S BOOK: What Do My Cats Do At Night?
    An illustrated children's book wrote and designed by myself. This book is a homage to my pet cats. The story explores the possible adventures of Fantine and Fiyero as I sleep at night.
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Work history
    Illustration ManagerThe Magdalen Magazine
     - Dundee, United KingdomFull Time
    As illustration manager, my main role was creative director. I would create illustration descriptions based on articles submitted to the magazine. I managed the comic section, seeking out artists who I knew could work with the magazine's quick turn around. For my year placement, I also illustrated every front cover for that year and multiple articles. This job was a great way to understand working with strict deadlines and design restrictions. If anyone these were wrong it could uphold production which I never wanted to happen. Having design freedom meant I was allowed to design the article in its entirety giving me confidence with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. At the end of my placement I was awarded Designer of the Year 2020 by DUSA Media.
  • Digital Artwork
  • Editorial Design
  • Children Illustration
  • Quick Learner
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Comic Art
  • Risograph Printing
  • Animal Illustration
  • Character Art
  • Illustration
    BA(Hons) IllustrationDuncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
     - Dundee, United Kingdom
    DUSA MEDIA: Designer Of The YearDuncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design