Oliver Ashrafi-Tari

Oliver Ashrafi-Tari

Graphic Designer / Content CreatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Oliver Ashrafi-Tari

Oliver Ashrafi-Tari

Graphic Designer / Content CreatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
When people ask what I am, I never refer to my job title. I'm not a designer by trade, but have forged a career over the last decade doing exactly that. I'm a photographer that can design. I've worked for fashion brands, for small brands and for some very big brands. I've pushed pixels to their limits, photographed and retouched beyond recognition, Art Directed sets on mountain sides and worked in advertising above the line, below the line, through it, in social, digital, the list goes on. I'm fluent in all the industry standard programs that you supposedly need to do this job. If that doesn't tell you who I am, you've either got the wrong Oli Ashrafi-Tari, or you've got a brief for me. Either way, it's irrelevant, this is The Dots. Let's connect and start a conversation...
Projects credited in
  • Top 50 Companies to work for in 2020
    Top 50 Companies to work for in 2020This New Year, do you want to nab that dream job? Well, to kick off 2020 we’ve put together a list of 50 top companies to work for! In order to connect you to lots of brilliant opportunities this year, we formulated this list by asking the community, using insights from company follows, topped off with a dash of our team’s wisdom! Make sure to follow companies that you’re interested in, to stay up to date with events and all-important job opportunities!
  • LEGO AR Store
    LEGO AR StoreNothing says limited edition drop like a pop-up. So we created one that could pop up anywhere. Inspired by LEGO and the hippest streetwear outlets, we built a virtual fashion store completely created within an AR Snapchat lens Inside the store, customers were free to explore, interact with the DJ to change the music, hang with the shoppers and staff, check out the merchandise - and of course buy it. All in one seamless online experience. The store went live at the start of London Fashion Week
  • We Are Upstarts
    We Are UpstartsWe Are Social have partnered with Creative Mentor Network to launch We Are Upstarts - a new six-week creative placement. Open to influencers, photographers, artists, filmmakers, animators, developers, side-hustlers and creative freethinkers; the scheme is aimed at finding the most up-and-coming, diverse talent the UK has to offer. Previous advertising experience is not necessary and candidates are paid the London living wage. Those selected for the scheme will be overseen by four We Are Social
Work history
    A Plus Agency logo
    A Plus Agency logo
    Senior Designer and Content ProducerA Plus Agency
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Looping Group logo
    Looping Group logo
    Designer / Content CreatorLooping Group
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
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