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Olivia Houghton

Creative ResearcherLondon, United Kingdom
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Olivia Houghton

Creative ResearcherLondon, United Kingdom
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A confident and determined individual who commits to learning and expanding knowledge everyday. Favoured skills lay within research, idea generation and creative interpretation of ideas. Currently seeking opportunities within visual communications.
  • Water Therapy by Speedo‘Incorporating swimming into the fitness consumer’s rest and recovery routine by creating a sensorial desire that entices them to relieve their body post exercise’ - Water Therapy This project was briefed by international swimwear brand, Speedo and was introduced to inspire and engage the fitness consumer to swim. Analysis of the brand concluded that Speedo dominated much of the performance swimwear market but lacked in other swimming sectors due to repetitive and predictable content which didn’t appeal to the wider audiences. As a result of this we proposed the concept of ‘Water Therapy’ to Speedo. ‘Water Therapy’ was formed from the medical treatment, Hydrotherapy but sells as a lifestyle strategy instead. The concept utilises the recovery benefits of water in aim to provide an holistic experience for the fitness consumer, post exercise. With an increase in our health knowledge due to online exposure, we are becoming more aware of how to prevent poor health rather than rely on treatment. This prevents less stress on the healthcare systems and therefore is beneficial to our bodies and the economy. To visualise this concept we considered the senses. Sound and visual stimuli were used to communicate the dynamics, fluidity and rhythm of the water and how this feels on the body. Inspiration was taken from Klarna’s ASMR short advertising films The full report is available upon request.
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  • Youth Futures 2019Who are today’s teenagers? As we edge closer to a new decade, brands that wish to be part of Generation Z’s intimate networks must re-evaluate what identity means in the digital era. Brands can no longer rely on a URL to find this generation. The Future Laboratory's 2019 Youth Futures report examines the ways they are using the online and offline worlds to create multi-faceted analogue selves. This report will help your brand to demystify the world’s largest generation in an age of virtual exis
Work history
    Space Occupancy ResearcherWK Space
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    • Perform observational studies to identify opportunities to work smarter and more efficiently • Detect behavioural patterns within the working environment by understanding the psychology of work and the workers within. • Explore worker personalities and styles of working
    Live Project with UniversitySpeedo
     - Nottingham, United KingdomInternship
    • Analysis of the brand and the current swimwear market • Trend analysis of fitness, swimming, health and technology markets • Secondary and primary research exploring swimming as a recovery method, hydrotherapy and the holistic benefits of swimming • Consumer research and profiles • Generating timely and innovative ideas which were developed and tested into a final concept • Exploring sensation and ASMR to creatively interpret the concept (Use of inspiration, visual language, various social, cultural, historical and contextual references) • Performing physical experiments to test sensation and the concepts of ASMR • Creating the physical outcomes and the integrated communications strategy, in this case 4 short films focused on sound and visual stimuli • Presenting updates and final outcome to client • Preparation for photoshoot • Production and direction of photoshoot for final outcome
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  • Abobe Creative Suite
  • Visual Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Layout Design
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
    1st Class BA(Hons) Fashion Communication and PromotionNottingham Trent University
     - Nottingham, United Kingdom
    My final year project, 'Milk Drought' (redefining the image of breastfeeding to appeal to modern society), highlighted my passion to provide desirable solutions to realistic social issues within the modern environment.