Patryk Majewski


Mid Level
Witham, United Kingdom
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About me

I am a still life and product photographer and recent graduate from the BA (Hons) Photography course at the Cambridge School of Art. My work has been widely published and won multiple awards, including local and national competitions. I aspire to advance my career in the creative industry as photography, art and gallery work is of high importance to me and my future development.

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  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Commercial Photography
  • Retouching
  • Studio Lighting
  • Lighting
  • 35mm Film Photography
  • Picture Editing
  • Editorial Photography
  • Exhibiting

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  • The Old Truman Brewery

    The Old Truman Brewery

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  • Art on a Postcard

    Art on a Postcard

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    Saxton 4x4

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      Work history


      Photographers Assistant

      Cristian Barnett Photography

      Sep 2017
      • United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • Duties include: • Working closely with photographer, food stylist, cooks and art directors on various cook book photography projects, helping with all aspects of a photo shoot, including set-up, photography, uploading, editing, printing and organising the images into a book layout. • Assist the photographer on editorial magazine photo shoots. This involved travelling to various locations and adapting photography lighting and set-ups to the location, dealing with the public and other individuals at the site.


      Freelance Photographer

      Jan 2013
      • United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • These include: • Working closely with an international company, Hand Point Ltd, to rebrand their online presence. These included taking product photographs, as well as lifestyle and location photographs to enhance their online presence. • Became a Sports media activator with Anglia Ruskin University, and documented various sports competitions, as well as events such as student games, staff tournaments and social team events, as well as the British University and College Sports Nationals in Sheffield in 2016 and 2017 organised by the University. Images of various sports, such as swimming, basketball, karate, judo or athletics have been published in print and online to promote the university. • From 2015 I have photographed multiple nightlife events for Anglia Ruskin University and other nightclubs like Assembly Rooms, Boston and The Academy, Cambridge. Nightlife photography is a very fast paced environment with unpredictable conditions such as bad lighting and behaviour of the public. My role as a nightlife photographer consists of documenting the night, assuring people enjoy their experience. This has challenged my photographic capabilities and improved my problem-solving skills due to the unforeseeable nature of the environment. • Since the beginning of university, I have developed my experience and knowledge in fields such as still life/product photography, documentary, moving image, event photography and weddings. Being involved in all of these has given me valuable experience and confidence in various fields of photography. All of these projects require a professional standard of customer service, which develop essential skills such as communication and negotiating, Customer communication is key to organising photographic projects, as well as other significant skills such as project management, post production, with both video and still image, and marketing. • In 2012, I have voluntarily been involved with the Alchemy Project, which involved organising photography walks for people in the community to create a friendly and engaged society. My duties towards this project included communicating with the main organiser to plan the walks, as well as choosing the locations, dates and times. The walks have been very popular across all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and have been advertised in public newspapers as well as online. With the end of this project, this has been an exhibition, displaying best images from each member of the group at the Local Council. • Between 2011 and 2013, I have photographed and filmed various live concerts and performances, including Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra, Jazz and Rock Academy, as well as London Symphony Orchestra. The photographs taken at those events have been published online, on official orchestra websites as well as advertising leaflets. The video footage has been published in the form of a DVD.


      Vehicle Photographer

      Saxton 4x4

      Jan 2018 - Jul 2018
      • Chelmsford, United Kingdom
      • Full Time
      • Duties include: • Create a stock photography/videography portfolio for each car from top vehicle companies such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Bentley. • For each car, the portfolio included: detail, overall exterior, overall interior, 360 interior videos and 360 exterior videos. Assuring a high quality of images in camera so minimal editing is required. • Upload images, update company records and occasionally edit images on Adobe Photoshop. • Work to tight deadlines, turning over a minimum of 320 cars per month. • Prepare the cars ready for photographing and communicate with other staff members in the organisation of the cars.


      Ground Handling Agent


      Nov 2017 - Jan 2018
      • Stansted Airport, Stansted CM24 1RW, UK
      • Full Time
      • Duties include: • Assuring a safe arrival and departure of aircrafts, as well as the safety of passengers and other team members inside and around the plane due to live engines and fuel leaks. • Working to tight deadlines between flights with only 25 minutes allocated for unloading and offloading each plane, ensuring the load is spread evenly and safely. • Working as part of a different team each day, consistently cooperating with multiple team members in addition to air crew and gate staff.


      Marketing Assistant-Voluntary

      Lux Aura Exhibition

      Oct 2016 - Jul 2017
      • Cambridge, United Kingdom
      • Freelance
      • I have been in charge of the designing of all advertising and publishing material for Lux-Aura exhibition, including invitations, posters, leaflets and catalogue covers. These will all be widely spread across the country, especially in the area surrounding Cambridgeshire and London. The advertising material has been seen by hundreds of professionals and the general public, as it will be part of Free Range Exhibitions, in London.


      Sales Assistant

      Party Mania

      Jun 2016 - Jan 2017
      • Cambridge, United Kingdom
      • Full Time
      • Duties include:  Using creative and organisational skills to ensure goods are well-presented and displayed in windows and on display shelves to make sure they are easily accessible and in view of clients.  Communicating with customers over the phone and face to face to assure high quality of service and offer customers advice on costume ideas. The role involved problem solving and thinking creatively to assure the clients were satisfied with their purchase.  This role has allowed me to express my enthusiasm towards people and develop many of my skills such as team working, leadership, as well as boost my confidence in customer service.



      Sep 2017
      • Boston, United Kingdom
      • Secondary School education. I have obtained 11 grades A to C including English, Maths and Science


      BA (Hons) Photography

      Anglia Ruskin University

      Sep 2014 - Jul 2017
      • Cambridge, United Kingdom
      • BA (Hons) Photography, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (First) Final Major Project (81%), Contemporary Digital Approaches (82%) Specialised Experimentation and Practice in Photography (72%) Dissertation (72%): The Examination of the Perception of Objects throughout Historical and Contemporary Still-Life, and the Importance of Context.


      Sep 2012 - May 2014
      • Boston, United Kingdom
      • A-levels education from which I obtained the following grades: Art and Design (C), IT (Distinction x2)



      South Holland Open Arts Photography Prize Winner

      Shutter Hub

      • One of my images has been chosen as the winner of Open Arts Photography Prize as part of the South Holland Open Arts exhibition in Spalding


      Cambridge Through the Lens

      Queens' College, Cambridge

      • One of my images has been chosen as the winning image of Queen’s College Photographic Society competition, entitled Cambridge Through the Lens. The winning photograph has been published online as well as in an exhibition around Queen’s College.


      Young Still-Life Photographer of the Year

      Digital Photo and Practical Photography magazines

      • I have been awarded the Young Still-Life Photographer of the Year 2012 award which was organised by national photography magazines, Practical Photography and Digital Photo. The winning image has been published in the two magazines as well as widely spread online.


      • In 2010, I have won a local art competition. The theme of the competition was ‘Open’, therefore contestants have been able to create and submit their best art works. The final art pieces have been published locally across various publications and schools.