Rachael Forster

Rachael Forster

Sales Development ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom
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Rachael Forster

Rachael Forster

Sales Development ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom
About me
If it's interesting I'm interested so you can find me in medieval towns and mazes, reading about buildings and how people think, and making up convoluted party games. I take work really quite seriously and need to be passionate about it. I'm one of those introverts that loves socialising and people say I think too deeply, which always makes me laugh because they have no idea. All of this makes me great in start ups, or in unexplored territory, anywhere where there's a team or people who need listening to, when you need something to be created; a team, a process, a strategy or a party-hat for your birthday do. I like things when they keep moving, I need variety, and I love a good company OKR. If you're wondering why there are gaps in my timeline c. 2015 I was a fellow on an Art & Design degree and I bummed around doing commissions, volunteering, and exhibiting until I was done with the bohemian lifestyle (it was done with me) and wanted to work - I was fortunate to love where I landed.
  • Exhibition Design in Education Technology
    Exhibition Design in Education TechnologyOver my first two years at Arbor our trade show stand design went on a bit of a journey - from what I could carry in suitcase and put up on my own in one night to a furniture making company producing my stand design at our biggest show. I wanted to capture who we were as a company; smart and friendly, intelligent and kind. I wanted visitors to be curious about the contradiction of materials (balloons and wood) and curious about us, we were a contradiction in the market too.
  • How do you surprise someone with a holiday?
    How do you surprise someone with a holiday?It's straight forward - take a box and fill it with miniature boxes made from photos of the holiday destination, hiding the tickets and reservations inside. Replicate a beach in glitter and pop messages-in-bottles along the shoreline with more pictures of things they'll see. Add an 'Airbnb' branded box with pictures of your Airbnb in because you/they are obsessed with Airbnb. Give it to them and let 'em figure it out.
  • Handmade Christmas Baubles for all!
    Handmade Christmas Baubles for all!It was October and my company was getting together in Serbia in December for Christmas and I wanted everyone to get something special so I made 70+ unique baubles for the christmas party. It was excellent.
Work history
    Sales Development ManagerArbor Education
    Leeds, United KingdomFull Time
    I joined Arbor (SAAS Education Technology) when it was a start-up launching a brand new office in Leeds, I started with 3 other colleagues and now have 32! Back in 2016 I was the first Sales Development Executive and pioneered the Sales Development team and it's processes at Arbor. We grew from capturing business opportunities worth £1.5 million to £6 million and propelled ourselves from choppy target-achievement to hitting every quarter in this sales year. In early 2018 I was promoted to Manager and now coach and lead 5 people across 4 functions within Sales Development; inbound, outbound, channel and sales operations. I've learnt about how a business scales to achieve sustainable success, how every team in a company is vital, and how culture is paramount.
    Market Research ExecutiveOptimisa Research
     - Leeds, United KingdomFull Time
    Outbound calling to customers of banks like M&S Bank, Northern Rock and Co-Operative Bank as well as users of financial services within the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Stepchange charity. I called people at home and asked them about their thoughts on the customer service they'd had (in research conditions). I learnt how customers value trust, transparency, and clear processes as well as a bunch about mortgages, credit cards and how people get into debt! It was a really interesting and person-centric role.
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  • Business Development
  • Team Leadership
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  • Applied Creativity
  • Sales Management
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    BA (Hons) Art & Design (Interdisciplinary)Leeds College of Art and Design
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    The foundation of my career to date; where I learnt how to respond to a brief, develop a concept, communicate verbally and visually, to push experimentation into innovation and handle failure. I loved architecture, spaces, and how people feel when they encounter these things. I equally loved the planning, pitching, and practicality that comes with design.