Ravi Shukle

Social Media ManagerRuislip, United Kingdom
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Ravi Shukle

Social Media ManagerRuislip, United Kingdom
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  • Samsung - We Are David Bailey
    Samsung - We Are David BaileyIntro Samsung's NX cameras democratised photography by allowing amateur photographers to get professional results. The campaign brought this vividly to life by showing how ordinary people - plumbers, analysts, teachers, who just happened to be called David Bailey - could take shots as well as the David Bailey. We recruited 143 of his namesakes from all over the UK, brought them to our secret location in London, trained them, gave them cameras and set them loose to show that with the Samsung NX1000, anyone can shoot like a pro. Through a multi-channel campaign with Facebook at its core, we helped Samsung sell out of the camera in just 11 weeks and increase their market share from 2.8% to 55%.
  • Samsung Social Content
    Samsung Social ContentOver the last 6 months I have been responsible for managing all content across the Samsung UK social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube). I have been the lead on creative concepting, production, content management, copywriting and posting.
  • Samsung - We are David Bailey
    Samsung - We are David BaileyThe challenge In 2012, Samsung launched its range of NX Smart Cameras into a market dominated by established competitor brands such as Nikon, Canon and Sony. The biggest challenges facing Samsung were establishing credibility and increasing the market share. The idea Cheil UK’s solution was to create a campaign that democratised photography and proved that anyone can shoot like a professional. To do this, the We Are David Bailey campaign was created. The core idea involved recruiting people n
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