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Samsung's NX cameras democratised photography by allowing amateur photographers to get professional results. The campaign brought this vividly to life by showing how ordinary people - plumbers, analysts, teachers, who just happened to be called David Bailey - could take shots as well as the David Bailey. We recruited 143 of his namesakes from all over the UK, brought them to our secret location in London, trained them, gave them cameras and set them loose to show that with the Samsung NX1000, anyone can shoot like a pro. Through a multi-channel campaign with Facebook at its core, we helped Samsung sell out of the camera in just 11 weeks and increase their market share from 2.8% to 55%.
"I like the campaign, the idea of having loads of Baileys all over the place taking pictures; it's really different and funny. The camera's a great bit of kit and I'm sure my namesakes will love it."
David Bailey

The Masterclasses

Several Baileys made 20-second YouTube Masterclasses, as well as a 3-minute film about the David Baileys, which were viewed a total of 888,153 times.

The Gallery

Each week, our David Baileys were given a photography assignment in a closed Facebook group. They uploaded their stunning images to a gallery on the SamsungUK Facebook page, where the campaign got 11 million impressions. The best photos were featured on Facebook and Twitter and used in print advertising and digital outdoor.

Become an honorary David Bailey

We wanted to prove that absolutely anyone could take stunning pictures with Samsung's smart cameras, so we gave people the chance to become an Honorary David Bailey and win a Samsung NX1000. A Facebook first, we asked people to give us their mobile number and if they answered our call as 'David Bailey' they won the camera. At the height of the campaign we had thousands of people answering their phones as David Bailey, bringing the online buzz, offline.

Influencer Outreach

To build on the idea of bringing online word-of-mouth offline, we worked with PeerIndex to give hundreds of influencers a signed copy of our favourite David Bailey prints, as well as the chance to win one of ten NX1000 cameras. The response was extremely positive, with most of them tweeting about their new David Bailey print and some even having theirs framed and mounted on their walls - the ultimate dinner party conversation starter!

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