Sam Furness

Sam Furness

Founder / Creative Quest Leader @ Channel TwelveLondon, United Kingdom
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Sam Furness

Sam Furness

Founder / Creative Quest Leader @ Channel TwelveLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Founder & Creative Quest leader at Channel Twelve. Join our next Creative Quest: I search for extraordinary creative ideas in ordinary places and bring them to life in adventurous and collaborative ways. Whilst I always aim to push the boundaries of my knowledge and explore different mediums to express creative concepts; a fascination with the human experience and the things that connect/inspire us is at the heart of everything I do. I believe that diversity, open hearted chats and collaboration are at the heart of developing great ideas.
    WE CAN BE HEROESA PLACE TO MAKE AN ELECTRIC ORIGAMI TRIBUTE We Can Be Heroes was a week long growing installation for the Brixton Design Trail/London Design Festival inspired by the outpouring of heartfelt written and floral tributes seen at the David Bowie mural in Brixton following his death in January 2016. In this nine day long installation people were invited take a piece of paper and write a private message to anyone in their life who they consider to be a hero, fold it up into an origami flower or Cran
    PLAYING HOUSESTAY HOME, STAY PLAYFUL Playing House is a weekly home-based challenge series that came to life at the start the Coronavirus lockdown. Every weekend we published 12 imaginative, thoughtful & creative challenges online for people to do at home. From remaking music videos, using mirrors for performance art, writing postcard poetry, learning mandarin, doing headstands, dressing up A LOT - every weekend the house became a playground. With Playing House we wanted to breathe some joy, positivity and
Projects credited in
    UNTRANSLATIONLOVE IS UNDERSTANDING A headline installation for the London Design Festival/ Brixton Design Trail 2017 Collaboration between artist Sam Furness and designer Toni Hollis An installation that explores and celebrates the many languages spoken in Brixton. In lexicons worldwide, words exist that are untranslatable to the English language. Not any old words either. Magic words that seemingly have the power and ability to express and define complex emotions and situations which we all feel but have
    CREATIVE QUESTSA MONTHLY CLUB FOR THE CREATIVE AND THE CURIOUS Creativity is an innate power we all share - but what does the world look like through somebody else’s creative lens? Creative Quests is an immersive digital programme that helps you explore your creative potential, alongside a worldwide community of fellow Questers. Each Quest challenges you to embrace a different creative theme for one month, giving you a framework to fill your life with illuminating new perspectives on the world around you.
    VISUAL JOURNALSPERSPECTIVES ON LIVING CREATIVELY A collaborative film series. Visual Journals is an ongoing collaborative project that documents evolving observations on what it means to live a creative life. As creative beings our learning is forever unfinished, but we lead with evolution at heart. Our Creative Quests are a perpetual process of learning and unlearning. New adventures create new perspectives. Visual Journals is a living document of our evolving attitude towards living creatively as a form
Work history
    Channel Twelve logo
    Channel Twelve logo
    Founder / Quest LeaderChannel Twelve
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    ⚡️ An immersive creative programme and community powered studio. For people fuelled by curiosity. We help people boldly step into their creative potential through experiential learning journeys, events & artistic content. 💥 Our main focus is Creative Quests - a monthly club for the creative and the curious Each Quest challenges you to embrace a different creative theme for one month, giving you a framework to fill your life with illuminating new perspectives on the world around you. In 2022 we'll be delivering our Creative Quests programme as a full year-long experience. 🌀 After many years of creative experiments, in November 2020 I re-launched Channel Twelve as business. Operating on part time basis alongside my music work. In November 2021 I went full time with Channel Twelve. ----------------------------- THE ROUTE TO CREATING CHANNEL TWELVE HAS BEEN AN ADVENTURE IN ITSELF. It started in 2016 when I set myself a challenge – in an effort to reconnect with my creative self and make better use of my spare time. “Immerse myself in a different form of creativity each month – for a whole year”. By making how others make. Doing as others do. Living how others live. Over the course of that year, I began to notice something profound. Not only was I living a more eclectic lifestyle - but inspiration for innovative, creative ideas were coming in more volume and more variety than ever before. The way I saw the world was changing. The project quickly became a mindset. At Channel Twelve, we believe creativity is an innate power we all share. Though manifesting differently in each of us, creativity is fluid – it fills the spaces we open up for it. By actively channelling our creative focus in new ways, we open ourselves up to endless possibility: deeper connections with more people, navigating our surroundings with more purpose, living more mindfully, perceiving the world around us with a constantly renewed perspective. Through our evolving series of Quests & Projects we want to enable people to widen the lens of their creativity and enjoy playful lifestyles that are illuminated by curiosity. Let’s navigate a path less travelled.
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I've been playing all around London since 2015 including venues such as: KOKO, Omeara, Lafayette, Flat Iron Square & Amazing Grace. Pride myself on eclectic sets but most enjoy Hip hop / RNB / Disco / Funk / Great Dance music!
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    Drama & Contemporary Performance Practice (MA)University of Kent
     - Canterbury, United Kingdom