Sara Cols

Sara Cols

Conceptual Designer and Visual ArtistUnited Kingdom
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Sara Cols

Sara Cols

Conceptual Designer and Visual ArtistUnited Kingdom
About me
I’m a Visual Artist and Concept Designer with a focus on book art and design thinking. My process focuses on breaking down a brief completely in order to create unexpected and exciting products. My work constantly recurs to themes of identity and belonging, exploring these concepts through different media and practices. I recently graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in Visual Communications, which has served me as a way to explore the fine line between art and design. You can contact me through email at and find me Instagram @saracolsart
  • Small World
    Small WorldMy final major project, Small World, focuses on moss through different media. The collection of five books uses macrophotography, photography, illustration, embroidery, and sculpture to shine a new light on moss and present it as something of beauty and worth rather than an overlooked nuisance. I welcome you to dive into the small world of moss and watch it grow with no pattern and no design. The concertina books present moss through different levels of abstraction, slowly zooming out to reinte
  • The Ramblers
    The RamblersOne week group project by CHS asking us to design the identity for a new London restaurant, creating an identity, menu, wayfinding, social media touchpoints, and advertisements. The restaurant is meant to be "an urban mainstream with quirky originality". Inspired by "fancy pubs", we wanted to make the restaurant approachable, classy, and natural, playing with the London vibe.
  • No Evil
    No EvilNo Evil positions ignorance and silence as the Evil. Using the three wise monkeys as inspiration, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil, this piece highlights that by turning away from issues, you end up becoming part of the problem, imploring that ignorance leads to corruption.
  • Deconstructing Identity
    Deconstructing IdentitySystem design deconstructing the factors that make up human identity. Considering aspects like appearance, sexuality, memories, and context, the system is designed to be applicable to anyone. The system designed is created to be applicable in the form of Art Books, dictating the type of binding, cover design, and content. This application of Deconstructing Identity breaks down the identity of my housemate, Breckin Gillard.
  • LushMe
    LushMeA collection of content for Sophie McPherson's LushMe Brand, a line of products for Lush highlighting intimate care. Postcards created as an addition to the accompanying publication and scarf design used as packaging.
  • B-Si Barcelona
    B-Si BarcelonaB-Si is a bicycle brand developed as a response to the D&AD Newblood awards VBAT and Superunion brief. Based in Barcelona and using a monthly scheme, B-Si invites you to join the revolution in creating a green, active, and united Barcelona.
Projects credited in
  • Arts University of Bournemouth, Visual Communication
    Arts University of Bournemouth, Visual CommunicationVisual Communication’s vision explores and examines the importance of visual communication in relation to culture and society, whilst championing the significance of an interdisciplinary approach. The course is interested in interdisciplinary processes of developing ideas and communicating through visual language. Visual communication is a continuum and seamless spectrum of creative activity, from conceptual practice to mainstream design. Visual Communication produces graduates who are able t
  • Barclays Pocket Protector
    Barclays Pocket ProtectorAn app concept to bridge the gap between money and mental health, for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2019.
Work history
    DesignerNoah's Ark International Day Care Center
    Barcelona, SpainFreelance
    Various advertisement and flyer designs for the Day Care.
    Design InternBarcelona Metropolitan Magazine
     - Barcelona, SpainInternship
    Design Intern in Metropolitan Magazine redesigning business cards and advertising.
  • Book Art
  • Illustration
  • Editorial Campaigns
  • Branding Design
  • Concept Artist
  • Idea Generation
  • Content Ideation
  • Content Curation
  • Design Thinking
  • Visual Art
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