Sarah Feeney

Sarah Feeney

Brand Marketing Consultant | Brand DNA, development and growthLondon, United Kingdom
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Sarah Feeney

Sarah Feeney

Brand Marketing Consultant | Brand DNA, development and growthLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Brand Marketing Consultant. 👉🏿 Add equity and elevate your brand at the earliest inception. A brand development and marketing “solutions” consultant with accountability. 

 Remarkable 360 brand expertise made available to everyone—from initial idea to global consumer reach. Sarah Feeney is the partner to propel your brand forward with relevance, consistency and purpose. Specialist knowledge steeped in Cultural Capital—fuse a brand into the right culture with the best possible output and opportunity to return on investment. Bringing culture into your brand is a deeply powerful way of aligning to core customers with more creative and emotional connection. Sarah Feeney works with diverse premium lifestyle brands, fusing insight and best practise for all sectors—12+ years consulting on some of the world’s most innovative and unusual spirits and beers. 
 This work is for you if you’re an innovator, a lifestyle entrepreneur or a brand going places fast, evolving, refreshing or pivoting.
 Your partner to innovate, challenge and GROW. Available to Brand and Marketing Managers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and agencies for: • Project work • Mentoring • Workshops • Consultancy “A pioneer” Terence Parris. Diversity Consultant: PUMA Current clients and projects: • Sweet Gwendoline French Gin • the modernist society and magazine • Branding Consultant for Whitehair Co A remote live-work pioneer, based in London with global insights. E: ✍🏼 +44 7802690969 ☎️ 💻 @sarah_feeney_under_rocks 👈🏿
  • Marcel Duchamp: the birth of modernist art. As featured in @themodernist magazine
    Marcel Duchamp: the birth of modernist art. As featured in @themodernist magazineI've written a new piece, as featured in the modernist magazine issue #40 KUDOS. Marcel Duchamp and his disciples are now validated rebels; the readymade concept legitimate and commonplace as is his legacy: "What is art?" This piece explores the 'readymade' idea that art could primarily be about concept expressed through a democratised aesthetic in which everything could be art and everyone an artist.
  • A beer celebrating that "knocking-off-work" moment.
    A beer celebrating that "knocking-off-work" moment.the modernist magazine and Manchester Union Lager have created a beer and we've called it...Feierabendbier. (Fire-arben-beer). It’s our latest community collaboration, brewed by friends #Manchester Union Lager @mcrunionlager. Germans, in their infinite wisdom, have a word for that “knocking-off-work” beer: Feierabendbier, so we created one of our own to celebrate our Friday afternoon work ritual. A traditional brew from the communal breweries in the Oberpflaz area of NE Bavaria: a Zoigl beer.
  • Sweet Gwendoline French Gin
    Sweet Gwendoline French GinSweet Gwendoline French Gin, inspired by the work of iconic fetish artist and publisher, John Willie, has launched in New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, Texas, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and is available in 28 states online. The liquid is a French gin sourced in the South of France and infused with Blanc de Blanc champagne, fig, and six additional botanicals –– juniper, cardamon, coriander, angelica, lime, and sweet orange. The brand pays homage to the whip-cracking artistry
  • Tsptr clothing brand | Seasonal Journal Fall | Winter 2020
    Tsptr clothing brand | Seasonal Journal Fall | Winter 2020
  • GUEST EDITOR 2019. The Modernist 33: JUNCTION
    GUEST EDITOR 2019. The Modernist 33: JUNCTIONGuest-editor issue #33 The Modernist: JUNCTION. Curated all contents including pieces by Wayne Hemmingway, Chris Difford from Squeeze & The Haçienda architect Ben Kelly, & worked with its design & art directors Team ’19 - adhearing to The Modernist’s regular format and tone as created by its founders Eddy Rhead & Jack Hale. The Modernist is publishing about 20th century art and design and its print offerings can be purchased online via
  • The Way to San Jose. As Featured in The Modernist 35: JOURNEY
    The Way to San Jose. As Featured in The Modernist 35: JOURNEY…There’ll be the exciting pop of old advertising: massive bill boards featuring consumer goods and services, high alters to both commerce and products-as-democracy: “A coke is a coke and no amount of money can get you a better coke.”… My creative side-hustle came in most useful during lockdown in LA - Wrote this piece for the ironically titled ‘JOURNEY’ issue of The Modernist. It’s about America’s iconic road signage; spent many blissful hours photographing a completely deserted LA. It’s th
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    Brand EngagementSweet Gwendoline French Gin
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    Marketing & Social MediaThe Modernist
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    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    MACentral Saint Martins (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    BA (Hons) Fashion DesignLiverpool John Moores University
     - Liverpool, United Kingdom