Saskia Lubnow

Saskia Lubnow

Brand CuratorFrankfurt, Germany
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Saskia Lubnow

Saskia Lubnow

Brand CuratorFrankfurt, Germany
  • Rebranding on Alexander McQueen
    Rebranding on Alexander McQueenMASTER THESIS REBRANDING ON ALEXANDER MCQUEEN The Rebranding Concept is presented with a brand book and a video - for the new communication strategy. The project includes a complete communication concept, visuals, merchandising strategy & financial plan. The book cover is molded by hand in tin metal and binding is made of parchment leather and stitched by hand. Visuals [self-creation or photomontage] in Photoshop, Text/Layout Design in InDesign and Graphs/Icons in Illustrator, Video Editing in Premiere. I WANT YOU, BUT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ME McQueen Woman is highly sexualised, sublime and damned - but you can't have her. This is love that kills you and since you can't consummate it, it will go with you even after death. You will be always damned. LOVE AFTER DEATH  Sewing as Suture. Beauty functions like a bridge. HAUTE COUTURE - HAUTE SUTURE | JENSEITS - DIESEITS
  • Installation - A Promised Land | A Relentless War
    Installation - A Promised Land | A Relentless WarInstallation Series: This work oscillates between PAST AND PRESENT | VISUAL AND CONCEPTUAL. By juxtaposing past and present the artists aim to point at the bloody red thread that runs through the history of man. The artists believe that art can function as an alternative to media as conveyer of information, and can ultimately enable different ways in which ‘reality’ and ‘truth’ are perceived. They are against media predominantly telling stories from a single point of view, used for propaganda purposes. Therefore the artists want the work not only to act as passive transmitter of information, but also as facilitator of self-reflection and (self) critical thinking. Painting: Re[Interpreted] Gaining knowledge of the past to better understand the present, and the future. Appropriating Nicolas Poussin’s ‘Apollo and the Muses’ (1630) places past and present in close proximity to one another in order to illuminate the unremitting and relentless identity of war, thereby not allowing it to be rekindled in the future of ‘now’. An alternative representation of reality, based on emotional and emphatic communication, designed to decode. The juxtaposition of binary oppositions are indispensible to this installation: PAST | PRESENT ; CLASSIC | CONTEMPORARY ; POVERTY | WEALTH ; GOOD | EVIL. The original subjects of Poussin’s painting have been morphed into contemporary subjects placed a war context. Inspired by the relationship between traditional art and alternative possibilities offered by new technologies, the artist amalgamates them in order to create new meaning(s). Through its subjects, the art piece and installation aspires to showcase the impossibility to limit conflict and violence to a single geographical area or historical period, but to rather portray it as an illness that has infected mankind. To quote the artist, Saskia Lubnow: “Only by stimulating the sensitivity of man is it possible to fight this guilty emotional status quo and promote a renewed awareness that allows a real empathic understanding of man.” All images, video-projections and set design were collaborations between Saskia and Fantasmagoria Studio. All garments are original creations by Saskia.
  • The Virtual Parallel World
    The Virtual Parallel World CONCEPT The virtual world is a rapidly growing mass medium, it’s significantly shaping our culture and society in the age of “simulation”1. The characters simulate an artificial and fictitious reality, where life itself becomes the optimization and experience2, rather than depict a real world. Entertainment implies addiction and obsession of adventure, seen as a repressing and hiding from society, those demanding to reinvent us, to fit-in perfectly and being constantly an infinite circular motion. The pre-image of man in the “flow3” is the playing child, which is located in the blissful state of being within-himself, implying freedom and total being-absorb of experiencing ongoing actions. Fictitious reality4 might be for man an escapism5 from fear and powerlessness as a consequence of the restrictions of social convention and a terrifying battle to survive6 in both real and virtual worlds. Others are seeking for social contacts with regard to love, affection and loneliness as expression for their absence in real life. Known as virtual parallel world, where man live-in a duplicated reality with endless satisfactions and possibilities. With games we fulfill our dreams8, adding omnipotence fantasies, “pretending as if”, constructing indications9 from our real life outside, because the people who are creating these games replacing emotions to dimensionalize the world they create. The technology of video games has allowed a true overlap in stimuli. Man, an interactive pixel in a virtual simulation confounds with reality and brings the difference between work and play in the disappearance. Since ancient times man have not accepted their human condition, they have always looked for an escape from the real world. Religions gave them the possibility to live hoping for a better life after the death; novels, theatres and arts in general have the magic to make living possible in visionary situations, drugs alter our senses and shifting to delusions. All mentioned mediums, as substitution for nowadays technology, which are trying to make life easier, allow man to enter the virtual world. The empirical world has always been considered as a limit, apparently man has the necessity of unlimitedness. From the electronic glasses that increase our senses and our ability, to the common screen of tablets and smartphones, which offer a window to another, more sure and cybernetic landscape, than the urban reality. Next generation may single the existence in virtuality out by dilution reality like in a sort of matrix, to buy an endless virtual life while giant companies take care of the body, an all-inclusive service to get the “life of our dreams”. 1 Jean Baudrillard “Simulation theory” 2 Infinite Jest 5 June - 7 September 2014 Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition proposed an image of today's world with the individual at its center. 3 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1975) “Flow theory” 4 Jonathan Lethem “Chronic City” showing an autarkic universe covered with beauty spots, David Foster Wallace “Infinite Jest” code word for bleak vision of the future, as the end-point of human evolution. Shinji Mikami “The Evil Within” The game is played from a third-person perspective in which scavenging for supplies and learning when to fight or run are key factors in surviving. “Ghost in the shell” Ghost in the Shell 's plot revolves around a recruit of Public Security Section 9 as he investigates and combats the Human Liberation Front. 5 Jean Piaget “accommodation and assimilation”: for us to escape the socialization pressure from outside 6 Instinctual needs comprise protection to actually survive. 7 “Second Life” SL one developed in 2003 by the Californian IT company Linden Lab 3D simulation of a lifelike, interactive community ("metaverse") on the World Wide Web, the design of the participating individuals themselves, and may be further developed. 8 Sigmund Freud, saw the games as a product of imagination, which enables pleasurable experience as well as ability to handle conflicts. 9 “As gamers we are now living by the same laws of physics in the same cities and doing many of the same things we once did in real life, only virtually. For my virtual worlds are perfect. More beautiful and rich than the real world around us.” Quoted by David Perry’s student in Ted talk’s “Are games better than life?”
  • Collection - A Promised Land | A Relentless War
    Collection - A Promised Land | A Relentless WarFASHION COLLECTION Photomontage The classic painting of Nicolas Poussin has been digitalized in the form of digital pictures. The previous image has in turn been manipulated using Photoshop. We can then find in the manipulated version of the painting an exaggerated representation of the war, but perhaps just for these reason it is closest to the reality of our world. The technique used is called photomontage; it means that the original image has been mixed with other images. The original subjects of the painting have been processed in contemporary subjects placed in a war scenario. The little ”putti” of the painting tradition became child soldiers equipped with gas masks and arms. Exaggerations that unfortunately remind us of the real children soldiers that are operative in different areas of the world. The bucolic scenery leaves room for an atmosphere of death and despair. Inspiration was the relationship between traditional art and new possibilities offered from the new technologies able to create a interaction with the opera, change it and operate on its meaning. In the last years the diffidence about the digital art is disappearing and the work of new visionary artists is getting more and more attention by the public. In the same way the author uses the modern technologies, mixed with the traditional painting, to counter the superficiality with which all too often we look at the images of disgrace that the fighting causes. Printing-process The manipulated images have been converted in four images according to the quadricomy division for the printing. It was not realized with the common ink jet process, but instead with the old technique of screen-printing: The first step was to print the image on tracing paper in four colour channels (in black and white), these four prints were exposed through the photographic process on particular screen covered with nylon tissue and coded with a photoemulsion. Each frame has been sprinkled with the four colours to transfer the image onto fabric used for the collection. Interpretation The fabric used is the same of the frame for oil painting, so as to accentuate the pictorial value of the clothes. The tissue has been sowed with other frics and modern materials to show a connection between past and present in the endless history of the violence of the war. Almost as a metaphor for the equal and opposite forces that have always crossed the history of mankind, in the work of the author the composure of classical figures merges with brutality of the war, scenes of poverty are intertwined with elements that refer to the pomp and the wealth. The models wear literally the war on their skin as a testimony of impossibility to limit any conflict to a single geographical area or to a single historical period. The war is unfortunately totalizing and “as all the battles of” man, it implies a chain of events unidentifiable in a single historical period, which become part of the cultural heritage of man, in the same way every victim of human violence, although far thousands of kilometers touches us in first person and makes us passive spectators or authors. Only stimulating the sensitivity “of men is possible to fight this guilty emotional stasis and promote a renewed awareness that allows a real empathic understanding of reality“ that flows under our eyes.
  • [Re]Turn to the Authentic
    [Re]Turn to the AuthenticTrend in Society Trash | Kaleidoscope | Technologic Natives » Primitivism Analyse of the current trend, includes a moodboard, theme image, photoshooting, colourboard, fabricboard, samples and an extract from the book.
  • Editorial & Campaign Shootings
    Editorial & Campaign ShootingsA selection of shoots I have been working on as an art director and production assistant.
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