Sindi Breshani

Sindi Breshani

Game Designer & Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Sindi Breshani

Sindi Breshani

Game Designer & Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am an avid gamer and an expert in information experience design. This duality inspired me to start Episod Studio, where we are pushing the boundaries of video games and interactive technologies in service of telling true, untold stories that help players understand the world.
  • Race for the Arctic
    Race for the ArcticThe Arctic is the world’s final frontier. As the Earth heats up, ice will melt into sea, creating new economic opportunities and conflict. -- The year is 2076. You are a journalist researching your next book: a biography of your estranged grandfather Noah Freight. Noah was a shipping pioneer, and one of the first to transport cargo across the Arctic in the mid-2020s. Despite early success, in the decades that followed his business faltered and Noah gradually withdrew from family life. Now his
  • Diktatura
    DiktaturaI am creating a dystopian documentary-game, in which the player will experience totalitarianism. Playing as a Secretary of the Party, the player will be going through the testimonies of five different individuals in a dystopian world. The game is a work of non-fiction, and it is based on interviews with people that experienced dictatorship. I am going to initially show the game in national and international festivals and then publish it for Oculus. I have a little budget and have applied for m
  • The Village
    The VillageThe Village is an interactive open world story originally designed for the V&A Museum of Childhood; Festival of Play that answers the question How can we use VR to bring to life an old form of play? The story was built based on characters and events created by local schoolchildren. Over two days of the festival, the experience attracted over 300 visitors. They could virtually enter inside the installation of Rachel Whiteread with the same name, after receiving a physical train ticket and a stic
  • Propaganda Board Game
    Propaganda Board GamePropaganda is a board game that unravels contemporary methods of control and manipulation that structure what we accept as reality. Grasping current events in the perspective of a propagandist, players establish loyalties and target audiences in order to build power - for power produces and silences ‘truths’ - and increase the number of followers, which will make their perspective win. Beside strategic decisions, players encounter lucky and unlucky moments extracted from our post-truth era, incl
  • AI and Religion | Choose your own story
    AI and Religion | Choose your own storyHalaI is a choose-your-own-story experience that questions the implications that AI will have when entering religious practices. Playing as an artificially intelligent assistant, players will be torn between choices throughout the story. What would a machine prioritize: profit or religion?
  • Destination Sainsbury's | Service Design
    Destination Sainsbury's | Service DesignDestination Sainsbury's is a prediction on the role that supermarkets will play in our future realities. It responds to the personality traits and relationship with food of a new persona I constructed who represents millennials. Destination Sainsbury's is a place where customers come because they want to, not because they need to, an environment that balances technology with human interaction and which focuses on the experience
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Work history
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    Associate LecturerLondon College of Communication, UAL
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    Supporting students across the School of Communication
    Co-Founder, Creative DirectorEpisod Studio
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Episod Studio is a mission-led indie games studio that develops games about the most relevant socio-political and climate issues. Our vision is to establish Episod as a brand that hosts unheard voices and tells compelling stories in every game we produce, inspiring activism and social change among players.
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    MA Information Experience DesignRoyal College of Art
    London, United Kingdom
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    BA(Hons) DesignGoldsmiths, University of London
     - London, United Kingdom
    Women in Games: Student Portfolio AwardWomen in Games