Thewa Perera

Thewa Perera

Artist, painterSri Lanka
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Thewa Perera

Thewa Perera

Artist, painterSri Lanka
  • Fight for your  dreams
    Fight for your dreamsRemember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream impossible, the fear of failure. Never forget your legend. Your silent heart will guide you. Be silent now. It is the possibility of a dream that makes life interesting. You can choose between being a victim of destiny or an adventurer who is fighting for something important. �❤️ Check out my Instagram for mo updates �
Projects credited in
    GUCCIPhotographer: Ilaria Orsini Art Director: Luca Ostacchini Grooming: Amy Conley Production: Rachael Smart and Hattie Gable
  • Women of Acceptance x Vogue Italia
    Women of Acceptance x Vogue ItaliaWomen of acceptance is a photography project that explores womanhood and the female gaze through the vulnerable and emotional relationship we have with our bodies. Art Direction & Photography Zea Lindström Photography assistant Nova Lindblom Make up and hair stylist Erin Grace Wheatland Models: Marie Ayivor Carina Misiak Maya Fidel Eilera Ellie
  • Gucci Beauty Campaign
    Gucci Beauty CampaignArt Direction for Photography by David Abrahams Set design/ styling by Georgina Pragnell Production by Fiona Burgess
  • Gucci and Frieze present The Second Summer Of Love
    Gucci and Frieze present The Second Summer Of LoveIn the late 1980s, the UK saw a cultural revolution of the same magnitude as the ’60s counterculture movement. A combination of a radical new music, a groundswell of youth-driven art, and, crucially, the introduction of a consciousness-altering new drug, led to the upturning of contemporary culture. In 1988, 30 years ago this year, that scene exploded, and the UK saw what we now call the Second Summer Of Love. In 2018 Gucci partnered with Frieze to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this cultura
  • For Dramatic Effect
    For Dramatic Effect⁠For Dramatic Effect is a series of surreal, stylised portraits that captures a dramatic moment in time. I was interested in fusing tropes from 1920s cinema and german expressionism and subtly merging them with contemporary styling elements to create a mashup of eras, challenging cinematic narratives of the past with a new modern perspective. They’re a set of odd and intriguing moments and characters that lead the audience to build their own story for each shot. The series featured on Vogue I
  • The North Face x Gucci
    The North Face x GucciBrand: The North Face x Gucci Director: Fiona Burgess Production: Compulsory. Sound Design & Mix: Tom Parker Supervision : OPM
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